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'Once Upon a Time' 3x18: Photos for 'Bleeding Through' reveal clues

Ginnifer Goodwin plays Mary Margaret on "Once Upon a Time"
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The next episode of "OUAT" is titled "Bleeding Through" and fans are anxious to find out what will happen with Zelena, Regina and the rest of the characters. On April 16, Hypable posted photo stills of "Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 18 and they reveal clues on what is going to happen when the show airs on Sunday. The photos feature mostly Rumple, Zelena and Cora, but Belle, Hook and Emma are also included in a few of them.

Of the photographs, there are a few that are quite interesting. The second one shows Zelena holding Regina's heart. She has a wickedly happy look on her face. Could her heart be one of the things that the Wicked Witch needs to cast a time travel spell?

There are a few more photos of Zelena and Rumple is with her in the shots. In one, the two are sitting at the kitchen table talking and they look like they are having a pleasant conversation. Then she is seen holding a dagger and Rumple is looking down at something, then the next shot shows the Wicked Witch aiming the dagger at someone or something. Finally, the last one shows Zelena and Rumple in a passionate kiss.

KSiteTV posted a detailed synopsis that reveals even more information about "Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 18. Just like the photograph indicates, Zelena does steal Regina's heart. But she isn't going to get away with it if Regina can help it. The Evil Queen decides that she needs to talk to her mother and casts a spell so she can contact her. She wants to find out why she abandoned Zelena.

The synopsis for "Bleeding Through" also reveals why Cora gave up her baby. She ended up getting pregnant by a man who was pretending to be a prince and ultimately ended up alone. Then she met a real prince who could make her dreams of royalty come true. However, she had to hide her pregnancy or lose everything.

Fans can expect to see Regina and the others having a seance, probably to contact Cora. In a sneak peek, Regina and Mary Margaret are walking down a hallway when they come upon a door. Regina reaches for the handle and the door flies off of the hinges. There is some crazy paranormal stuff going on inside and seeing this, Regina looks terrified and Mary Margaret is shocked. What do they encounter in that room and does it have to do with Zelena or is it a result of Regina contacting the dead?

"Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 18 will air this Sunday. What do you think is going to happen on the episode titled "Bleeding Through?" Do you think that Regina contacting Cora will help her deal with Zelena?

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