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'Once Upon a Time' 3x18 'Bleeding Through': Seeking answers from Cora

Regina: “I'm not in the mood for a heart to heart.”

Emma: "I thought our family was the good guys."   Regina: "It was too messy for it to ever be that simple."
Photo Courtesy Of Jack Rowand/ABC
Zelena: "Red apples are so sickly sweet, don't you think?"
Photo Courtesy Of Jack Rowand/ABC.

Mary Margaret: “I'm not sure that's physically possible right now.”

“Bleeding Through” is the April 20 episode of “Once Upon a Time.” This article contains spoilers, every article has a price. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Once Upon a Time” airs Sunday nights at 7 p.m. central on ABC (KTRK).

Regina decides to contact Cora to learn more about Zelena's past. The horror element moments feel out of place. It’s just a little too strange for “Once Upon a Time,” in my opinion. Still, the ghost communicating gives an interesting way for Regina and Mary Margaret to bond. It has been great watching them begin to understand more of where the other person is coming from. Plus, now Regina and Mary Margaret are practically best friends, and girl talk is always nice. Did you enjoy the creepy horror-ish scenes?

Hello flashback scenes featuring a much nicer Cora. She still is ambitious, but these scenes show what caused her to toughen up. In true “Once Upon a Time” fashion, it took some focus to keep everyone straight, or rather how everyone is connected to everyone else. Cora was going to marry Snow’s dad until Snow’s mom got in the way. And then, you know, Regina married the guy that her mother was going to. Yeah, that’s weird. The flashbacks are definitely intriguing, and it is amusing that Mary Margaret basically got to watch them too when Cora possessed her.

Rumple and Zelena go on a weird meat pie date where Zelena reveals her plan. A time travel spell, which is apparently a difficult thing to do with magic, plus it breaks some magical laws, according to Rumple. Zelena offers Rumple the chance to go back in time with her and save Neal. It is great that Rumple says no because Neal gave his life to help him stop Zelena. Rumple does not want to diminish the man that Neal became by using magic. It's a fantastic character moment for Rumple.

Hook is in a mood. Apparently, he has decided that he will just be rude and closed off instead of dealing with his cursed lips. It would be nice to see him maybe try to have a conversation about his situation with Charming. They are mates, after all. Hook could either be completely honest or talk around what his problem is, thus most likely confusing Charming. What do you think Hook should do?

Throughout the entire episode, the fact that Regina was showing quite a bit of emotion without her heart bothered me. Regina not having her heart should cut her off from emotions. After all, this is why she wants to get rid of her heart at the beginning of the year no one remembers, so she wouldn't feel the pain of losing Henry. Mary Margaret sort of addresses this at the end, saying that Regina feels everything with her entire soul, with or without her heart. The writers need to work on addressing this more because it's still confusing.

What did you think of the episode? Regina and Robin finally kiss! It was glorious, don't you agree? Leave me your thoughts and theories in a comment below.

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