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'Once Upon a Time' 3x17: 'The Jolly Roger' spoiler roundup

Jennifer Morrison plays Emma on "Once Upon a Time"
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Tonight a new episode of "Once Upon a Time" will air and while the spoilers and sneak peeks have focused on Hook, "The Jolly Roger" episode will also feature the other characters. On April 13, Hypable shared what fans can expect on "OUAT" season 3, episode 17.

A sneak peek clip reveals that fans will finally find out what Hook was up to during his missing year. In the video, he is having a jolly good time drinking with his mates when Smee announces that they have a surprise for him. It turns out to be a wench and as she and Hook go outside, he surprises her by paying her and sending her on her way instead of sleeping with her.

As he walks away, he is hit with a club and as he looks up to see who attacked him and is shocked that it is a woman. She looks at him with fury and fierce determination as she introduces herself as Ariel and tells him that she is going to make him pay. It turns out that Prince Eric has disappeared and she believes that Hook did something to him. However, Hook's ship was taken and he thinks that the thief who has his ship also has Prince Eric.

Promotional photographs show Hook on a ship and behind him in the background is Blackbeard. It has been said months ago that the two would have a duel. Hopefully Hook will win, but will he and Ariel find Prince Eric? Will it even get that far? Hypable asked if Ariel would be more trouble to Hook than she was worth.

As for the other characters on "Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 17, show co-creator Adam Horowitz tweeted a script image for tonight's episode that suggests that Ariel will reunite with Belle. It was also revealed that Regina is going to give Emma a magic lesson in the hopes that using their powers together will defeat Zelena. Also, Mary Margaret and David are going to try to convince Henry that they are just as interesting as his new friend Killian.

Serial posted a preview clip of "The Jolly Roger" that shows Regina talking to Emma about Hook's feelings for her. However, the clip ends before she can respond to what Regina is telling her. With Neal dead, it does open up a door for Emma to find romance with someone, but Horowitz and Edward Kitsis gave an interview recently and stated that Emma has her hands full right now.

What do you think will happen on "Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 17? Do you think that Prince Eric will be rescued? Will Emma and Regina be able to combine their powers to defeat the Wicked Witch once and for all?

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