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'Once Upon a Time' 3x16: Zelena's backstory and the battle begins

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Ever since the news broke that there was going to be a new villain on "OUAT" and that it was the Wicked Witch, fans have been dying to know her backstory and to watch Zelena and Regina have the "battle of all battles." It turns out that viewers are not going to have long to wait. On April 3, Screen Spy posted two sneak peeks of "Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 16, titled "It's Not Easy Being Green." The clips reveal that the two women will finally fight.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 16 spoilers, then stop reading.

The episode title "It's Not Easy Being Green" hints that Zelena's difficulties will be revealed. It's always good to have a villain on a television show, but viewers also need to know what motivated that person to do the things they do. The upcoming episode will reveal a bit more about the Wicked Witch's past.

In addition to her backstory, Zelena and Regina will finally duke it out and from the sneak peek, it appears that the entire town of Storybrooke will be there.

The first clip shows Zelena showing up at Neal's wake. Her presence isn't wanted, but she has something she wants to tell Regina. She reminds Regina of their connection and challenges her sister to meet her at sundown.

In the second clip Zelena shows up to meet Regina and has Rumple with her, but Regina has not arrived. She says that if her sister doesn't show up, then she will free Rumple, thinking that he will cause mischief. Regina finally shows up and after saying a few words to her sister, she slaps Zelena.

In addition to the showdown between Regina and Zelena, fans can look forward to finding out who the Wicked Witch's father is.

"Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 16, titled "It's Not Easy Being Green" will air on April 6.