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'Once Upon A Time' 3x16 clips: Regina battles Zelena at sundown

What is Zelena's story?
What is Zelena's story?
The Official Once Upon A Time Facebook Page

Regina will take on Zelena on the next episode of "Once Upon A Time." Zelena doesn't have to hide anymore, and this will lead to a battle with her little sister. On April 3, Screen Spy shared two sneak peeks for "Once Upon A Time" episode 3x16 titled "It's Not Easy Being Green." The entire town of Storybrooke will be present in the clips, but the focus of the sneak peeks is definitely on Regina and Zelena.

The first sneak peek shows Zelena arriving at Neal's wake. No one is happy to see her there, but she has some things to say to Regina. She tells Regina of their connection again, and she challenges Regina to a meeting at sundown.

The second sneak peek shows Zelena arriving for the showdown, and Regina is not there when she arrives. She has Mr. Gold with her, and she threatens to use him if Regina does not arrive. Regina will arrive just in time, and after a few words she slaps Zelena. That ends the clip.

This episode will dive more into Zelena's backstory, and fans will learn more about her, according to The Once Upon A Time Facebook page. Cora may be her mother, but will fans find out who her father is? Cora and Rumpelstiltskin did have a child together, and it was always believed to be Regina. Is it really Zelena? Fans will need to tune in to find out.

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