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‘Once Upon a Time’ 3X13 ‘Witch Hunt’, Witch’s relationship to [spoiler] revealed

‘Once Upon a Time’ 3X13 ‘Witch Hunt’, Witch’s relationship to [spoiler] revealed
‘Once Upon a Time’ 3X13 ‘Witch Hunt’, Witch’s relationship to [spoiler] revealed
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Regina and the Wicked Witch finally come face to face in “Witch Hunt” on “Once Upon a Time” and though the sparring has only just begun, the showdown promises to be spectacular. Episode 3X13 aired Sunday, March 16 on ABC.

In Fairy Tale Land

Regina is on the warpath because someone has taken over her castle and used her own protection spell to keep her locked out. She’s going to slip in using some tunnels the witch doesn’t know about so she can disarm the protection spell. Then Snow White and Charming can charge in with their army. Before they get to the tunnel entrance, she defends Robin Hood’s son from the attack of a flying monkey. Regina knows now the person in her castle is the Wicked Witch from Oz. Robin Hood He is indebted to Regina and insists on accompanying her into the castle to protect her.

The two converse as they pick their way through the many traps in the tunnels. Regina learns that Robin blames himself for his wife’s death. Regina discovers the door to her mother’s crypt – a door she sealed with blood magic – is standing wide open. Whoever opened it must be powerful indeed. Once inside and in Regina’s chamber, Robin learns that Regina really wanted to get inside so she could whip up a sleep potion for herself. She can’t stand to be in a world without Henry.

Once Regina disarms the protection spell, the others begin to move in. Just as she’s about to inject herself with the sleep potion, the Wicked Witch appears. After a little banter, the witch reveals that she is Regina’s sister, Zelena, Cora’s first born. Regina doesn’t believe her at first. Zelena explains Cora gave her away and she grew up in Oz san a mother. They share another commonality. Zelena was also a student of Rumplestiltskin’s. Zelena wants to make Regina pay for taking away her mother and declares war on her. Regina then tells Robin she now has a reason to live because she now has someone to destroy.

In Storybrooke

Emma is getting the lowdown on what’s been happening. Hook helps fill in some of the blanks but no one has any idea who cast the curse and took their memories. In addition to missing memories, people are going missing too. In order to get their memories back, Emma believes they need to figure out who’s behind the curse.

Regina finally sees Emma and Henry and is stunned. Emma explains that Hook only had enough memory potion to restore Emma’s memories, not Henry’s too.

While out hunting, one of Robin Hood’s men, Little John is snatched by a flying monkey. They soon put together that the others who have gone missing were nearing the town line as Little John was when he was taken.

Emma calls a town meeting to talk to everyone at once. Regina is accused of casting the curse but she denies it. When the mob begins to get ugly, at Emma’s prompting, Regina unleashes a mild earthquake spell and disappears. Zelena in her Storybrooke form smiles in the crowd. It turns out Regina and Emma had planned the whole thing. Regina is trying to create a potion that will restore memory but it isn’t working.

Zelena finds Mary Margaret in the diner in anxious state after reading a prenatal book. She introduces herself as Zelena, a midwife. The two hit it off and she wrangles an invitation to help Mary Margaret with the baby.

Regina and Emma decide to take a new tact and leak word that Regina is close to success with her memory potion, hoping to flush out the person behind the curse. The plan works but their adversary escapes from the trap they had set before they can see who it was.

Robin Hood and his men rush an injured Little John to the hospital. He begins to have convulsions and soon a tail is lashing about beneath him on the gurney. The merry man turns into a flying monkey before everyone’s eyes and escapes by flying through a plate glass window.

Emma introduces Henry to Regina and the two chat before making plans to tour the town together. When Emma and the others learn about what happened to Little John, they realize who their foe is but have no idea why she’s ion Storybrooke. In the final moments of “Witch Hunt” we see Zelena bring food and water to a prisoner. The familiar voice croons, “You should have never brought me back.” The prisoner is revealed to be Rumplestiltskin and he seems mad as a March hare.

"Once Upon A Time" airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on ABC.

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