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‘Once Upon a Time’ 3x12 ‘New York City Serenade’ Hook brings Emma home

‘Once Upon a Time’ 3x12 ‘New York City Serenade’ Hook brings Emma home
‘Once Upon a Time’ 3x12 ‘New York City Serenade’ Hook brings Emma home
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Once Upon a Time” kicked off the second half of season 3 with “New York City Serenade,” ad it was even better than all the hype. The Hook – Emma centric episode 3X12 aired on ABC on Sunday, March 9 and reunited our favorite characters back in Storybrooke but not without some unexpected surprises.

The show bounced back and for the between Fairy Tale Land right after the curse sends the residents of Storybrooke back to their native land and present day New York City which is one year after the curse.

Emma and Hook in New York

Emma is having dinner with Walsh (Christopher Gorham) and it is apparent they’ve been dating for a while. When he steps away, Hook slips into his seat and tries to convince Emma once again to come back with him. Since she has no memories of her parents or Storybrooke, she thinks he’s an eye-liner-wearing kook. He gives a slip of paper with an address on it and tells to go see for herself.

Hook disappears. Walsh returns and proposes to Emma who is caught off guard. They’ve only dated for 8 months and Emma has trust issues after baby daddy abandoned her and left her to go to jail in his place. Henry later tells her Walsh is one of the good ones and she should accept.

The next day, Emma heads over the address Hook gave and discovers it’s Neal’s place. She finds a camera with Henry’s name on the strap. She then meets him in Central Park but instead of buying into his story, she has him arrested. Later that day she finds photos of her and Henry back in Storybrooke and knows something is up. She finds Hook just as he is being released from jail and he again urges her to drink the potion that will restore her memories. She trusts her gut and does so. The memories come rushing back and she is the old Emma.

This is just before she sees photos of a life back in Storybrooke. A recently-sprung Hook asks her to drink the potion once again. It means Emma would have to give up the life she has now. She must trust her gut. So she drinks. Just like that, the memories come rushing back.

In Fairy Tale Land

Snow White tells Regina they have to stick together and work to heal their kingdom as a united team. They say goodbye to a pregnant Aurora and Prince Philip. Aurora says they must tell “her” about the return of everyone or “she” might punish their unborn child.

Neal wants to stop at his father’s castle but Snow tells him it’s pointless; Rumplestiltskin is gone. Belle comforts him saying she believes they can still get him back. Neal thinks there may be something at the castle he can use to get back to the present and find Emma and Henry.

Regina is devastated by the loss of Henry. She tears out her own heart and buries it in te woods but Snow follows her. Snow convinces her that with time, her heart will learn to find happiness but not if she buries it. Snow understands because she has just said goodbye to her own daughter …for the second time, and to Henry, too.

As Snow and Regina make their way back to the others, they are attacked by a flying monster with bright red eyes. It attempts to carry Regina off but a hero arrives and shoots it with an arrow. Regina falls back to the ground and Robin Hood it there to greet them. He tells them no one has ever seen such a creature. They join the group and Belle is delighted to see the man she once saved fromt eh Dark One’s clutches.

They head for the Evil Queen’s castle but upon arriving find it is blocked by a protection spell. They decide to go with Robin to his camp to regroup.

Back in New York

Hook fills Emma in on the new curse that once again yanked everyone out of Fairy Tale Land and plopped them back in Storybrooke. The catch here is that their memories of the last year have been wiped clean. They don’t remember what happened in Fairy Tale Land, who sent them back to this world or why. All they know is they are in grave danger.

Emma is ready to back but in the morning. First, she has to break things off with Walsh. They go to the rooftop of Emma’s building to speak privately while Hook waits in Emma’s apartment. She breaks the news to him and he grows angry, telling Emma he wishes she hadn’t drank the potion, that he even kind of liked her a bit. Emma realizes he is not who he says he is. He rushes at her but she dodges him at the last minute and he falls over the roof balcony. Emma looks down and sees a flying monster with red eyes coming at her. Walsh is really a flying monkey! She overpowers him and sends him hurtling down again where he vanishes in a cloud of smoke. Hook reaches the roof after the ruckus. If Emma wasn’t convinced before, she is now.

Emma introduces Hook to Henry as Killian, her new client. They are taking his case and going to Maine. Henry is delighted because he gets to skip out on school and go on a vacation. Emma grabs her red leather jacket from the closet and the 3 of them head for Storybrooke where Emma sets out to find her parents.

David opens the apartment door and they are both not only surprised to see each other but they both have their memories of one another. He explains that no one remembers what happened over the last year and Emma asks how he knows it’s been a year. Mary Margaret appears and Emma has her answer. She is visibly pregnant!

Back in Fairy Tale Land

The queen’s castle is occupied by a woman dressed in black, wearing a pointy hat. She asks the flying monkey if it got what she asked it to. It nods yes and dips its finger into a potion bottle to let Regina’s blood mingle with the contents. Finally we see the green-skinned witch and she says, sinisterly, “The queen may be evil, but I’m wicked. And wicked always wins.”

“Once Upon A Time” airs on Sundays at 7 p.m. on ABC.

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