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‘Once Upon a Time” 2 sneak peek videos at Hook and Emma for season 3 finale

The season 3 finale of “Once Upon a Time” airs on Sunday, May 11. The promo only whetted our taste buds for what will happen in the 2-hour finale. Back-to-back episodes titled “Snow Drifts” and “No Place Like Home” will tie up many of the loose ends and prepare us for where the show will take us in season 4. On May 9, YouTube shared a couple of sneak peek videos for the finale.

‘Once Upon a Time” 2 sneak peek videos at Hook and Emma for season 3 finale
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

In the first one, Emma and Hook, dressed in fancy period garb, are seen entering a festive celebration. Emma is none too happy about their attire, hers in particular. She remarks under her breath to Hook, “Just when I thought the clothes here couldn’t get any worse.” He apparently disagrees, as he replies, “You may not know this, Swan, but you cut quite a figure in that dress.” He’s right, too.

Just then, King Midas introduces himself as the father of the bride. Could this be for the wedding that was planned between Charming and Midas’ daughter? He asks their names. Since they are dressed elegantly, they have to come up with something regal-sounding quickly. Hook stammers, “Prince…” but is unable to snatch a name out of thin air. Emma steps in and answers, “Prince Charles,” after a moment, she adds, “I am Princess…Leia.”

In the second clip, also on YouTube, Emma and Hook have bumped into Rumplestiltskin. He has no idea who they are and they seem to be trying to explain that. Hook tells him they are from the future. Rumple is skeptical because time travel hasn’t been done yet. Emma informs him, “Yeah, well, someone has cracked that code.”

She tells him they need his help. Before he will agree to help them, though, he wants to know if he ever finds his son. The question causes Emma a moment of pain and she hesitates answering. Rumple grows more emphatic, as he shouts, “Answer me!”

She says yes and he naturally asks how. Before she can answer, he stops her, saying, “Don’t tell me. If I succeeded, I don’t want anything in my head that might throw it off.”

Emma tells him that things may already be thrown off. Rumple then says, “You’ve changed things? What have you done?’ His question goes unanswered in the clip as Emma and Hook exchange knowing and worried glances.

So both season 3 finale sneak peeks give us a look at Emma and Hook in Fairy Tale Land. It looks as if we will be getting to see a good deal of these two and for Hook/Swan shippers, this is good news.

The season 3 finale of “Once Upon a Time” airs Sunday, May 11 in a 2-hour, 2-segment finale titled “Snow Drifts” and “No Place Like Home.” Tune in to see how the season ends and where we are going next!

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