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Once upon a singularity – the path to true home

Searching for the source
Searching for the source
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Once we were all one and there was no “we; a singularity of light as brilliant as 100 million suns. And then, in an instant, the singularity exploded into many other realities and duality was born. A great mechanism began to create the physical universe, with its galaxies full of stars, planets, moons and other unknowable things. Time and space were born, and in one particular galaxy in one particular solar system life began to form, rudimentary at first, but eventually bringing forth plants and animals to one particular planet: Earth. Fast forward millions and then thousands and hundreds of years, and eventually humans became the dominant life form with their superior brains and ability to think.

Ever since humans became aware of linear time and three-dimensional space, they have wondered about the reason for being. In early days the brain power of evolving life was just enough to survive, at first, and then as evolution continued and brains grew larger and more refined, this higher life form became the dominant species on Earth. Moving forward millions of years to the present, if we look at the large diversity of humans and the role that self or ego plays in every action of every day, we see how very far away we have grown from the bright light and love of that singularity. Looking at the world as it is today, we see the part that mind and ego plays in the constant struggle between people who decide that only their interpretation of their religion is allowable, which actually moves them farther away from the truth rather than closer to the answer. As people live, die and then are born again within the wheel of reincarnation, their actions and thoughts during each of their lives form their real self, or soul. As these karmas are worked through, the soul evolves, sometimes with negative results, and more often with positive results. Either way, some of those karmas are carried within the soul from lifetime to lifetime, called Sanskaras.

Over the thousands of years as duality continued, there have been, and continue to be, masters, or teachers, who have managed through constant silent meditation to again reconnect with the path that leads back to that bright loving singularity. For some of them, the task of helping others who are ready to find that path is a given. Once the truth is known, this generates compassion and an intense longing to merge back into that singular light, but for some who have found it, there is also a strong need to help those who are beginning to seek a way back to reconnect as well. There have been a number of these teachers, or “perfect masters”, born into this duality over the centuries, but only a few souls here and there have connected with those masters whose commission it was to help guide the way back. As recently as 50 years ago there were masters living in the eastern part of the Earth who could be found by those who were seeking this deeper inner connection and truth, and others still exist today. The search for this path, or science of the soul, has expanded today into the Western hemisphere. The terms of “meditation” and “yoga” are becoming much more common, causing not even a blink of an eyelash when mentioned to most people.

The path of inner silent focused meditation is not easy, with the mind and ego trying at every opportunity to distract that focus of reaching out to that inner connection, and can take many years of practice to finally be able to quell the constant thoughts that assault us in every waking moment. All masters, sometimes called saints, give the same message: “Regular meditation is the only way to eventually let go of ego and the desire to be in and of the world only and reconnect with our true self”. Today, as we watch the constant fighting and killing by those whose mind or ego has overshadowed that deeper connection, we stand aghast at how we could have moved so far away from our true home. Those of us who have found the path of meditation from which love, kindness and forgiveness flow can only shake our heads in sadness at the current state of affairs. It feels more crucial now than ever to find our way back to that great bright light and share the knowledge of it with the world.
Namaste: I honor that place in you that is also in me where we are both as one.


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