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Once Upon A Happening: Rotea by Morgan Carrington

Once Upon a Happening: Rotea
Once Upon a Happening: Rotea
outskirts press inc

If you read my articles, you'll know I'm more of an urban fiction buff but this time I'll be reviewing a fantasy piece. We all know the fairytale stories, girl is born a princess, someone is jealous or curses her, she tries to run from her destiny, a series of events happens, the handsome prince gets on his white horse to save, And They All Lived Happily Ever After. Or something like that.

In this novel, an ordinary girl, Olive Tridel and her brother Jimmy are thrown into the world of Rotea, Realm of the Ever After, by a wolf, an old lady, goldie locks, and the gingerbread man. Their mission is to infiltrate the castle and find their father. James Tridel has apparently been fighting to avoid catars from coming true. You see in the realm of the ever after, everyone is born with a story and a certain few are born with Athleas and most are born with catars that end in death. Also, ALTHEAS don't die but they also aren't very nice. I wish I could give you a deep plot line but it wouldn't be fair to Morgan.

Once upon a happening is a beautiful, well written play on fairy tales. The good guys aren't so good and the bad guys aren't so bad. This book can be a difficult read at times but it is intense and makes you wonder. what's going on in Morgan Carrington's mind? Morgan definitely has the momentum to be one of the greatest authors of this generation.