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Once again, an upstate Animal Control turns a blind eye to animal neglect

Dogs at risk of freezing due to stupid 3-complaints "rule"
Dogs at risk of freezing due to stupid 3-complaints "rule"
Facebook: The Community Pet Project

This article concerns a complaint given to Greenville County Animal Control back in mid January. The Community Pet Project (TCPP) reported on the situation on January 28. The readers here are going to be very angry over this one.

There are three chihuahua's living at an address on 10th Street in Judson, which is under the jurisdiction of the County of Greenville. A concerned citizen contacted Debbie Cabaniss with TCPP, who in turn contacted Greenville County Animal Control.

The tipster was concerned because the three dogs were getting out from under a fence and running in the street. A pit bull on a heavy chain is also living on the property. This dog does have a dog house, but no bedding to keep it warm.

The dogs also are alleged to be without food, water or adequate shelter. There's also a cat on the property, who lives under a grill in the back yard with the three small dogs.

According to South Carolina Animal Cruelty law 47-1-10, the owner of the dogs is in violation of the law, and should be charged with animal cruelty. South Carolina calls this violation "ill treatment of animals." Regardless, the definition fits the horrible condition these dogs are living in.

On January 17, Debbie Cabaniss contacted Greenville County Animal Control to report neglect and abuse at the address. The tipster had called previously, but her complaints were dismissed.

Why? Because the woman was told three neighbors who had witnessed the dogs escaping would have have to report the crime. The problem is (in addition to this being a stupid, but confirmed rule) that no one lives on the opposite side of the dogs, and the concerned dog lover doesn't know any of the other neighbors.

Animal Control was nice to Debbie and took down the information, including the (tipster's name and number. They also confirmed there have to be three confirmed reports for a case to be investigated.

To date, Greenville County Animal Control hasn't visited the residence. If you would like to contact them about this situation, they can be reached at (864)467-7595. You may also want to contact the Greenville County Administrator. Information for him is listed below.

Joe Kernel, County Administrator301 University Ridge, Suite 2400, Greenville County Square, Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: 467-7105

At this moment, Greenville County is experiencing snow and below freezing temperatures. A couple of inches of snow have been predicted, with another Arctic blast to hit the area tonight. Temperatures are predicted to be below average for this time of year.

Meanwhile, these three little dogs and one cat will most likely remain cold. The pit bull will have to drag around a heavy chain as it tries to keep warm. And the owner's will continue to neglect their pets, because those in authority refuse to do their job.

Please keep in mind this is the same animal control unit that gave Roger Owens a "ticket" after dragging a dog named Andra Grace behind his truck.

It appears that social media and public outcry are the only tool animal advocates have to save these dogs. Why do we continue to have to push for charges against those so clearly in violation of state and county law?

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