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Once again, a burglary was foiled in the upstate by a homeowner with a gun

James Smith denied bond after being arrested
James Smith denied bond after being arrested
Fox Carolina screenshot

Once again, a burglary was foiled in the upstate by a homeowner with a gun, Fox Carolina reported March 11.

The Gambrell home on Conley Street in Greenville County had a terrifying experience Monday morning in the form of a burglar in the backyard shed.

Darald Gambrell took the initiative to check out his shed when his son heard something moving around when he went out back to do his laundry.

Gambrell told Fox Carolina about how he knew someone was in the shed, where he quickly called 911

"I yelled for the guy, I said, 'Hey, you need to come out of here,' and then I heard him cough. They (Greenville County Sheriff's deputies) came out here with the guns drawn, and next thing I know, the K-9 unit was out here."

Gambrell held a pistol on the man, later identified as James Smith until police arrived. After refusing to come out on his own, Smith was eventually dragged from the shed by a K-9 officer.

Gambrell believes Smith had been in the shed for awhile. Inside investigators discovered an opened frozen pizza box and a half eaten container of gumbo that came from a freezer located in the shed.

This wasn't the first run-in Gambrell had with Smith. His shed had been broken into by the same man two years ago.

Smith was arrested by Greenville County Sheriff's deputies and taken to the detention center. He was charged with petty larceny, possession on meth, cruelty to a police dog and resisting arrest. The judge denied to set bond.

Due to the increase in crime in upstate South Carolina, many homeowner's are using guns to protect person and property.

Criminals would do well to keep that in mind before they break the law. Thanks to more positive acceptance of homeowner's using guns to protect what is theirs, upstate residents are armed and determined to defend their property.

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