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Once abused chihuahua adopted by Pima County Sheriff's Deputy and loving life

Deputy Alcantara just had that special connection to rescue this little guy who when discovered was wrapped in cactus quills and had been abused.
Pima Animal Care Center Facebook photo

Pima County Sheriff's Deputy Alejandro Alcantara had an instant connection with an abused little Chihuahua rescued in July by San Xavier deputies in Tucson, Arizona. The seven month old tan and white male puppy was found covered in cactus quills and had suffered multiple injuries from being thrown several times described the Pima Animal Care Center.

The little pooch, at the time named Charles, had been cared for at the Pima Animal Care Center for three weeks, and Deputy Alcantara checked on the puppy regularly. When the dog finally recovered, the deputy immediately adopted him and took him home.

According to, the deputy wasn't on duty that day, but felt the need to help the dog he had never even met:

"I was listening to the radio traffic and I was following the call text on the computers. Not even seeing the dog [or[ knowing what kind of chihuahua he was, I just felt the need to provide him a better life than the life he had before."

And so a wonderful life for a tiny abused dog began with his rescue. Now named Ichi, which is Japanese for "one," the pooch wears a harness and a pin for the Pima County Sheriff's Department. (although he might be a bit short to drive)

His former owner faces seven counts of animal cruelty.

Congratulations Deputy Alcantara; you are a great guy and much appreciated for your huge heart.

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