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Once a Bigfoot hoaxer?: Hunter takes dead Sasquatch on tour

Well, the "I Told You So" Bigfoot viewing tour -- billed as a redemption event -- began this week in Texas with Rick Dyer carting around the carcass of a eight-foot Bigfoot creature he claims to have shot in September 2012. It's a redemptive tour because Dyer says the Sasquatch is real and will help clear his name of the hoax he helped perpetrate in Georgia in 2008. Why "I Told You So?" Because there are numerous skeptics who say he's simply a huckster trying to pull off a second hoax.

KHOU reported Feb. 13 that Rick Dyer is currently touring the Texas panhandle, pulling "Hank," the aforementioned dead Sasquatch, behind him in a trailer. The carcass itself is repose in a glass case.

But Dyer's tour designed to rub his kill -- he claims to have shot the hairy beast outside San Antonio (or in Washington state, depending on the report) -- has already hit a few snags. Some of the venues where he was to have set up have decided to take a pass -- usually citing credibility concerns. One stop in Phoenix, the International UFO Congress Conference and Film Festival, was such an event. Conference coordinators, Huffington Post reports, noted that they were trying to be taken seriously and allowing Dyer's exhibit would have be counter-productive.

Unless it was an actual Bigfoot cryptid...

Dyer insists that this time he's telling the truth. "Hank" is the remains of a new and different hominid/simian creature. "I'm not trying to make them believe," he told KHOU. "I'm just giving them the opportunity to come and see it. And they can leave here and make up their own mind."

But many have had trouble believing Dyer. The skepticism began as soon as he announced the shooting of the creature in early 2013. When asked then where the beast was, he claimed it was being studied. He did release a short video (and a longer documentary) of the shooting, but it would be roughly a year before he released photos of the legendary man-like beast -- images which were also met with widespread derision.

And Dyer does himself few favors in the credibility department. As KHOU acknowledged a 2011 KENS report, he was arrested by San Antonio police for defrauding folks on eBay -- for allegedly selling Corvettes he did not deliver.


If Rick Dyer's redemption tour seems to be running on empty just as it gets started, he has to be given credit for perseverance. He'll bring "Hank" to San Antonio in the next few weeks.

"It's just impossible to be faked. I don't have the budget to fake it, if it could be done," Dyer maintains.

And to his credit, the body in the images thus far released is a far cry from the dirty and matted gorilla suit that was used in the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax of 2008. Still, better presentation doesn't make "Hank" a real Bigfoot. And Dyer's word carries little weight.

But what is truly telling is the lack of national and international publicity the Bigfoot viewing tour has generated. One would think that a specimen of an actual heretofore unknown legendary creature -- albeit a dead one -- would create a worldwide media sensation.

Instead, it would appear that all Dyer has managed to do is resurrect the traveling freak show...

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