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On Tour: Reggie Bügmüncher of The Olde City Sideshow

Every now and then, I get to meet people that are truly unique. I guess what I mean by that is people who do things that I would never even consider. Such is the case with Reggie Bügmüncher of the Philadelphia based variety, circus, sideshow, magic, comedy, music and performance act called The Olde City Sideshow. You see, Reggie eats bugs and worms. And crickets. And other things that I'd prefer not to ingest...or digest. She is exactly one half of the The Old City Sideshow and has twice as much balls as I do.

The Olde City Sideshow
The Olde City Sideshow
The Olde City Sideshow
Tour Dates

Aside from bugs and worms, Reggie and the other half of The Olde City Sideshow, Danny Borneo feed off of the crowd. They challenge each other and occasionally take requests from the crowd. Each show can be completely different from the last, and in most cases that depends on the size of the crowd. There will always be the traditional fire breathing and sword swallowing, but Reggie got her start as the 'geek act' by eating bugs to prove her worth in the sideshow. When asked about the future of the show, she speaks in a somewhat exasperated voice about their 'growth mold' and breaking out new parts in the act. She obviously wasn't prepared for the fact that bug eating would become her life and persona for the next seven years.

Reggie goes on to explain the importance of chewing her food. One time while buying supplies from a Pet Smart, she purchased a goldfish that was too big to swallow whole. After joking with the cashier about her fish tank size being equal to her belly, the cashier, mortified by Reggie's humor refused to trade the fish in for a smaller one. With no other choices, Reggie swallowed the goldfish whole during the performance. The fish's gills opened up causing her to gag the fish back up...just in time for Dan to catch it in a cup. The crowd was repulsed and entertained at the same time.

Being a part of the sideshow, it is sometimes necessary to create unusual shopping lists in preparation of each show. Cinder blocks from Home Depot and flowers from Wal-Mart are common items, but it turns out that Bait and Tackle shops carry the important items. Canadian night crawlers, crickets and goldfish. It took several times of eating crickets for Bügmüncher to realize that she was deathly allergic to them. Reggie says, 'up close crickets are really awful animals. They're kind of terrifying'. You don't say? Now better prepared, she carries an EpiPen to all shows to avoid anaphylaxis shock. 'It's like watching NASCAR...people want to watch for the accidents' she says. 'People watch for the times that it doesn't work'.

Reggie is forgoing her only day off during the tour to perform with a burlesque troupe in New Orleans called Bits & Jiggles. One of her main plans for the upcoming tour with The Olde City Sideshow is to remain just drunk enough that nobody asks her to drive. 'I've never lived in a van with four dudes' but 'there are always interesting opportunities when we hop out of the rape van at every reststop'.

The Olde City Sideshow performs at FUBAR in downtown St. Petersburg this Friday night January 17, 2014 as part of the 'Titillate Tour' with Sparklefight. PIG PEN, The Scurvy, Birthday Candles and Twisty Chris and the Puddin' Packs will be local support for the event. Doors open at 7PM. Bands start at 8. There is a $5 cover and it is a 21+ show.

To hear my entire interview with Reggie Bügmüncher, listen to Episode 252 of Radio Show.

You can catch the 'Titillate Tour' in any of the following cities:

Jan 15 STRANGE MATTER w/ Olde City Sideshow Richmond, VA
Jan 16 SWAYZE'S w/ Olde City Sideshow Marietta, GA
Jan 17 FUBAR w/ Olde City Sideshow and PIG PEN! St Petersburg, FL
Jan 18 CHURCHILL'S w/ Olde City Sideshow Miami, FL
Jan 19 THE HANDLEBAR w/ Olde City Sideshow Pensacola, FL
Jan 21 MUD AND WATER w/ Olde City Sideshow Baton Rouge, LA
Jan 22 SIBERIA w/ Olde City Sideshow New Orleans, LA
Jan 23 ALABAMA MUSIC BOX w/ Olde City Sideshow Mobile, AL
Jan 24 THE CAVE w/ Olde City Sideshow Chapel Hill, NC
Jan 25 HOOK UP BAR w/ Olde City Sideshow Virginia Beach, VA

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