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On This Good Friday

Behold, the Lamb of God,who takes away the sin of the world.
Behold, the Lamb of God,who takes away the sin of the world.
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At this time of year around the world most of us gather with our families to celebrate Easter.
A lovely time of year, when the evidence of new life is springing up seemingly everywhere around us, each new day seems to bring a generous gift of invigoration and renewal.

On this Good Friday, I wanted to commemorate the reason my family gathers to celebrate this time of year, namely: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus The Christ.

It is such a wondrous and priceless gift that He has given to all of us that the only way I could truly attempt to communicate it was with poetry.


On this day every year I remember
Clouds gathered and in a sad sky of gray
As my soul grieves again the events that took place
On a hill called the skull, 2000 years ago that day.

With my heart and my soul in complete surrender
My mind travel's back through time and space
And through tears that flow like a rushing river
I see You there my Precious Lord Jesus, dying on the cross in my place.

As though I stand witness to the events of that day
My heart is so heavy for Thee
That You my Lord Jesus, who knew no sin
Was pierced, beaten unrecognizable and nailed to that cross for me.

I feel the pain of Your passing
As the storm gathers overhead
As thunder shouts down from Heaven
Because the Blood of the Lamb of God was shed.

My heart is broken at these memories Lord, time and time again
As I wander through the empty desert
The grief seems never to end

Then three days from now
The miracle of Your Resurrection brings mourning to an end
For just as You said You would,
You, my Lord and Savior indeed rose again

You gave it all for me
You saved me from the fall
You saved me Lord from certain death
Lord Jesus the Christ, You gave it all

Lord, let my heart remember always
That long ago time, again
Let my soul continue to see this vision
Let all time and space transcend

Let my soul stand eternally as a witness
That the Sacrifice only You could make, took away my sin.
When You gave Your spotless life for me
My Precious Lord Jesus, when You died and rose again.

God Bless you all on this Good Friday and Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone.

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