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On the verge of a new era of health care--Obamacare, what will happen

Well, here we are--waiting to hear what will or won't impact us as far as the government shut down, essential services, non-essential services, where will it all lead?

Obama facing down the shutdown--how will it go?

Great question, but our leaders are more bent on what will make for good headlines, good TV. Whomever is blocking the progress on the budget, it's not because they are obstructionist, it's because THEY have come up with great ideas to compromise, it's the other guys that don't get it. They are all playing games, both sides, and it has to stop.

Oh please--I was hoping this would go away but it won't. Agents, in the states like California that are open to working with agents, are struggling to keep their clients informed, meet the requirements to offer these Marketplace plans, we're all just trying to survive and keep our client base comfortable.

The impact to 'Obamacare,' guaranteed health insurance, isn't going to show up tomorrow, October 1. The impact, the good news, bad news, warts and all, will really become apparent January 1, not October 1. That is when coverage that has been signed up for starting tomorrow will come in to play. Will people STILL be able to afford it, will all the applicants be loaded into the systems? Hope so!

President Obama made some interesting points in his press conference today. Obamacare is the 'law of the land,' as reinforced by the Supreme Court. Wish I had that kind of backing on some of the things I want to do! But the reality is, there will be some people helped by this. Him talking about health care being more affordable? That for many will be a stretch--in looking at insurance premiums for myself, I'm not going to get better rates than I have now, and the idea that we can keep our plans if we like them? Only if we bought them before March 23, 2010, otherwise they have to be replaced by 'compliant' plans. 'Affordable' coverage primarily pertains to people eligible for subsidies, and that's really going to put a strain on the ability to support this endeavor.

So once again, Stay Tuned--I'll be writing a lot in the days to come....please subscribe!

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