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On The Verge: DJ Los of Los Angeles' Power 106 FM

DJ Los can be heard on Power 106 FM in Los Angeles
DJ Los can be heard on Power 106 FM in Los Angeles

In 1982, Hip Hop exploded onto the mainstream when sounds from the likes of RUN DMC and Public Enemy came booming into people's home stereos. This was also the year that Carlos "DJ Los" Perez was born in Glendale, CA.

The music produced by the pioneers of hip-hop and other up and coming acts such as The Pharcyde, De La Sol and A Tribe Called Quest intrigued Los. He started collecting vinyl before learning how to dj and began studying the styles of local DJ’s, Mr. Choc, Qbert and Mix Master Mike. At the age of 15, he purchased his first set of turntables from a neighborhood DJ.

“I made $40 a week cleaning up my mom’s restaurant,” he said. “I saved up $600 and bought a pair of used 1200s and a Gemini mixer.”

It wasn’t until 2005 when audiences realized his creativity on the tables were industry noteworthy and he rose through the ranks as one of Los Angeles’ hottest upcoming talents. His skills landed him a highly sought after gig on L.A.’s #1 Hip-Hop & R&B station, Power 106.

Today, DJ Los has become one of Southern California’s hottest mixers as he continues to make a name for himself. He has deejayed numerous industry events and has headlined at every leading venue in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

His eclectic sets include everything from Hip-Hop, Pop, House/Electro, Rock, Disco, Soul and Funk, Reggae and R&B. On the turntables nothing is excluded from the mix, and this diversity and creativity has been what has continued to make DJ Los so popular amongst avid club goers and promoters.

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