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On the Verge: Andrea Ramolo

Andrea Ramolo
Andrea Ramolo
Andrea Ramolo

Andrea Ramolo is a woman with a guitar and a dream, but it’s not until recently she picked up that instrument that made her one of Canada’s up and coming earthy, ethereal folk singers.

Andrea Ramolo may not be aware of it just yet, but she is following in the footsteps of Feist, Neko Case, and Alanis Morisette. Is it safe to say we are finally uncovering a legacy of women that are leaving a revolutionary mark of grass roots, country, and folk music combined on the music industry?

Canada has garnered attention from Morisette and now Neko Case in recent years. Now it’s Andrea’s time to shine in her own right. With under 300 shows under her belt, this Canadian is ready to crack the US market open, wide open. With the help from one or more of her influences, Ramolo holds the power to shape and mold Canada’s all women grass roots rock movement into something, quite possibly, revolutionary. Until then, the public is sitting by the border waiting for that crossover to happen. had the chance to sit down with singer songwriter Andrea Ramolo before her three-night stint in NYC.

Born in Naples, Ontario—it wasn’t until recently you picked up the guitar and started singing?

I actually was a dancer my entire life and started seriously acting here in Toronto as well. I started with cover bands and then I started writing my own songs and playing guitar in 2003. My mom was sick with cancer and I started writing as more of a therapeutic sort of thing. Then the debut album was released and here I am.

The comparisons do happen and Neko Case definitely comes to mind when I listen to your songs.

I love Neko Case! I have many inspirations that include Janis Joplin, who had an honest, raw, and real thing about her as far as my bluesy rock side goes. Emmy Lou Harris and Stevie Nicks are pretty cool too.

You have toured a lot!!

Yeah we have played over 300 shows over the past two years. We played some big shows and some small shows over the course of the past couple years here in Canada.

Does it ever get tiring?

Yeah it definitely gets tiring. When we were in the third month I just felt a bit exhausted. Your sleeping in a van and playing shows almost every single night, but I do love engaging the crowd and talking to the fans.

You are gearing up for your sophomore album. How important is this album for you?

It’s gonna be called the Shadow and the Crack. The first album was more live off the floor and real—more of a grass rock roots album. This second one is a big studio album—a more commercial appeal if you will. This album has some more important songs on it as well.

Finally, where on your priority list is breaking into the states for you?

I think you guys have a great appreciation for Americana music--acoustic with great storytelling southern rock and roll, if you will. There are more listeners down in the states and it will be great to travel! We hope people will come out to support what we brought from Canada and that is some great music!

Andrea Ramolo plays Arlene's Grocery this Tuesday night February 8 at 6 PM in NYC.

For more info on Andrea Ramolo check out the following sites: and


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