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On the trail of the El Mirador Hotel bar

Most fans of Palm Springs history already know that when in town, Albert Einstein used to stay at the famous El Mirador Hotel. But did you know that the actual bar from that historic hotel is still with us?

Cocktails at the El Mirador was an occasion.
Palm Springs Historical Society
Cocktails at the El Mirador
Palm Springs Historical Society

Yes, you can still drink at the bar from the El Mirador. The same one Albert had.

Here is the tale.

When the El Mirador was in transition of becoming the Desert Hospital in 1972, John Conte (the current owner) thought that the magnificent black cherry wood bar (carved in Sweden especially for the El Mirador) would most likely end up as debris once renovations began. What would a hospital do with a bar, mix martinis? Thus, a new home was found and the El Mirador Hotel bar was saved.

The bar was taken apart and put back together again in a small tavern tucked away in a shopping center in Palm Desert. In later years the place became well known as The Beer Hunter.

When the Palm Desert Beer Hunter closed down the bar was in peril yet again but it found sanctuary; this time in a strip mall dive located at Gene Autry and Vista Chino (currently Palm Springs Tavern). For almost twenty years now but under different names the El Mirador Hotel bar has provided elbo room for the common barfly with little fanfare to its past glory days.

The bar is a treasure off the beaten path and is worthwhile for those nostalgia seekers carrying a thirst.

Appreciate wood work finery and the bar's classic details. Next, place your drink down at the exact same spot where Albert might have placed his.

Repeat as necessary.

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