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On the scene: Parkchoonmoo Fall 2014 presentation

Choonmoo Park is a designer of iconic modern, structured while fluid silhouettes. She embraces the paradox by pairing very airy and light knits with hard and architectural elements as well as mixing prints and textures. She celebrated her 25th Anniversary at Mercedes Fashion Week this year, and her Parkchoonmoo Fall 2014 collection paid homage to her humble beginnings on Feb. 9.

Parkchoonmoo Fall 2014 - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014
Getty Images

Her first brand was called Demoo, literally meaning "from zero" or out of nothing. She understands that in "nothingness" is an unfathomable amount of possibilities as she has demonstrated throughout her collections for the past 25 years. With the lack of boundaries, there are elements and shapes that may define or redefine beauty, and she has shown the different possibilities of design in terms of form and practicality.

This Fall/Winter 2014 collection rediscovered old elements from dated collections and retraced the roots that have given birth to an empire. This is the most diverse collection in terms of the materials, prints, and colors. There were looks in full monochrome, hints of metallic gold hidden in a sea of black, subtle flashes of carmine red, camel, and a loud houndstooth print. Among these colors, there were different textures such as lamb leather, beaver, cottons, and cashmere.

Not only did she mix a plethora of mediums with color, she also used geometry to bring more interest into the looks. For this season in particular, she found inspiration in the cube. It is the cube that is responsible for the angular silhouettes prevalent in the shoulders, sleeves, and dresses.

Park has brought an edgy, modern look, every season for 25 years, and we hope to see more of her perspective in the years to come.

Vivian Chen contributed reporting.

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