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On the scene: Highlights from the 'Go Further With Ford' conference

Executive Director of Connected Vehicles and Services leads a panel at What’s The Big Deal with Data? Seminar
Executive Director of Connected Vehicles and Services leads a panel at What’s The Big Deal with Data? Seminar
Elizabeth Taylor, used with permission

Taking pride in American history is important today, tomorrow and into the future. Ford has been a company that has been driven by data and trends since post-World War II. The powerful knowledge of understanding the components of what is new and happening is what helped Ford find great success. Yesterday on June 26, 2014 attended the "Go Further with Ford Trend Conference."

“When we talk about big data it is the customer that wins,” said Don Butler, Ford Executive of Connected Vehicles and Service. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be over 30 billion connected devices, including cars, watches, refrigerators and even toothbrushes. All of these pieces are leading to an explosion in big data information about what people desire and whom they want it from. Consumers have learned that data can improve life overall.

During the "What’s The Big Deal with Data?" Panel hosted by Butler the discussion revolved around this hot topic. Cynthia Czabala, Vice-President of Data Services at Intercontinental Hotels Group, Douglas L. Davis, Vice-President of Internet of Things, Chuck Holland, Vice-President of Industrial Engineering at UPS, Sarah Quinlan, Senior Vice-President of Market Insight for Master Card Advisors and Dan Wagner, CEO and Founder of Civis Analytics all spoke to hundreds of attendants. Each shared personal career highlights that would not of happened without the understanding of data sharing and comprehension at their companies.

These key business points are being applied by Ford as they develop new lines such as the just revealed 2015 Ford Edge all the way to the classic and beloved F-150. Since 1948 sales from the F-Series have peaked to over 33 million. That number is expected to grow with the input of new data research by the engineering team.

“We have been America’s best selling truck for 37 years,” said Doug Smith of Ford. “They way you accomplish that is three key factors. First, we have better insight in the truck customer. Number two we have a fantastic team of crazy, smart engineers. And, third we have the best retail organization that really understands the truck customer.”

In 2015 the Ford F-150 will be loaded with revolutionary innovation. The new truck proudly holds over 100 new patents and patent applications, which makes it the most patented truck in Ford history. It will define a new standard for road protection and will deliver the best fuel economy. The details that make it stand out include integrated LED spotlights, a 360-degree camera that features a front camera washer, 110-volt, 400-watt outlets, LED headlamps, information cluster/productivity screen and remote tailgate release with a tailgate step.

All of these are aspects that the experienced and talented Ford engineers developed after listening to the needs of consumers over the years. They were also brought about in some of the unique labs at the company that include animating automotive design by Ford’s Product Development Center and by a team of about twenty animators in the Studio 2000X.

The factory in Dearborn puts all theories to the test. When experienced in real time during hyper robotic test drives and high-speed track tests it is no wonder that Ford is expected to outshine some tough competition in the market. Over 70% of adults worldwide believe that technological leaps are what make companies like Ford larger than they were five years ago. Whether it is by believing in big data or it is by creating a new trend, it is all leading up to a very hopeful future society.

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