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On the scene: Daniel Radcliffe attends his New York Moves Magazine cover party

New York Moves Magazine Publisher Mamoonah Yaqub and actor Daniel Radcliffe attend the Moves Magazine 2014 summer issue party at AVA Lounge at the Dream Hotel on August 5, 2014 in New York City
New York Moves Magazine Publisher Mamoonah Yaqub and actor Daniel Radcliffe attend the Moves Magazine 2014 summer issue party at AVA Lounge at the Dream Hotel on August 5, 2014 in New York City
Photo courtesy of me, Shaina M., used with permission

On Aug. 5, 2014, was on the red carpet for Moves Magazine's 2014 Summer Issue Party. The event was hosted by New York Moves Magazine publisher Mamoonah Yaqub and held at AVA Lounge at the Dream Hotel. It was the perfect day to attend a fabulous rooftop soiree. The event, which was presented by Celebrity Cruises, Fairway, Fifty Pounds Gins and G. H. Mumm champagne, also celebrated the magazine's 2014 Personal Chef Competition.

The magazine's cover star Daniel Radcliffe attended the event. He was incredibly gracious taking the time to greet fans and pose for photos. His new film "What If," out this Friday, Aug. 8, is a project that he is very proud of and he wants everyone to go see it! We spoke with him at the film's New York premiere, but got to ask a few more questions at the party. Read our exclusive interview below:

What was the highlight of being on the cover of New York Moves Magazine?

Daniel Radcliffe: You know, to see a photo of myself that I don't absolutely hate, so any opportunity that I get to be a part of that is exciting.

What's your favorite type of food?

Daniel Radcliffe: I'm a very basic person, being from England means our national cuisine is just anything fried. So an English breakfast - that's the thing I missed most about home, but I have now found a couple of places in New York that can sate me.

What are some of your favorite places in New York?

Daniel Radcliffe: Ditch Plains which is right around the corner from here and downtown and then I found out that it was one of the restaurants that is owned by one of the judges of "Chopped,"[Marc Murphy] so that excited me, and then The Fat Raddish is sometimes where I get my English breakfast. Then Commerce is nice as well ... Good food .... that's one of the best things about New York.

Tell me about working with "What If" director Michael Dowse and what you admire about him as a filmmaker?

Daniel Radcliffe: I've always been very lucky with my career, I haven't ever worked with a director - that I hated a lot of people have. Michael is incredibly good. The director's main job on a set - that I think people don't think people think about necessarily - is he creates the atmosphere in which everyone else works. He sets that tone. Michael sets a really creative, energized atmosphere where everyone feels very free to play and screw up. The most wonderful gift that a director can give his cast and crew is the freedom to screw up and it not be a big deal. I think Michael gave us that and also he's a massive guy, he used to be an offensive lineman in the CFL, and he's this big guy, so you don't expect him to have this really sweet touch for romance but he does, and I think he's directed a very beautiful movie. I hope!

Speak about collaborating with Zoe on "What If"?

Daniel Radcliffe: Zoe's awesome! She's unbelievably smart, and she came in with a stack of notes that high and I was quite intimidated. She's totally unpretentious, and very funny. When you're doing a role like this, there is no guarantees on who you're going to be playing opposite, and you just hope that they're going to be somebody that you really get along with, and we got lucky on this film cause we really were.

Radcliffe declared, "I have a film coming out in theaters this Friday, called 'What If,' it's a romantic comedy with myself and Zoe Kazan, it's unusual, it's very very smart, it's funny, and it's definitively better than 'Ninja Turtles'!

We also spoke with Moves Magazine publisher and founder Moonah.

Tell me what it was like to work with Daniel for the cover shoot?

He was absolutely adorable, the complete English gentleman. I'm not kidding you, a surprise beyond surprise, and was up for anything and literally not a single complaint. Amazing.

Why did you guys choose for him to be on your cover?

Because he's happening right now, he's got so much launching, so many interesting projects with theater all the way through to his current film "What If."

Tell me about Moves, why you founded it, and what your goal is for the magazine.

Moves was an inspiration that took place 15 years ago and has just been going strong ever since, it's about women having a voice and women being heard and the truth. We are like a wolf in sheep's clothing. We're sexy on the outside but we've got everything going on on the inside. You should read it and not be offended, if you are, then don't read it.

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