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On the scene: Budweiser hosts 'Made For Music' studio session

X Ambassadors Search for London’s Best Busker. They discover Graham Farnworth & Joseph Strouzer.
X Ambassadors Search for London’s Best Busker. They discover Graham Farnworth & Joseph Strouzer.
Photo courtesy of Budweiser, used with permission

On the birthday of the late great Michael Jackson, Aug. 29, 2014, the studio he called home for several years was occupied by a wave of eclectic street musicians, supercharged hit makers, and Budweiser beer and of course, was on the scene. As I walked into Westlake Recording Studio, I instantly felt like an artist. From the front desk receptionist's tattooed arms to the sound proof doors to the unlimited M&Ms chocolate machine.

The Budweiser "Made For Music" campaign unveiled its new series "Made Underground" in July explaining how the artists behind the hit "Jungle," X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons, would be hitting the streets and subways of London, Rio de Janeiro, New York and Philadelphia in search of talented, unsung geniuses of global music. The long hours on the streets payed off for the "Jungle" hit makers as they found Graham Farnworth and Joseph Strouzer in London, Morgan O'Kane in New York City, Marcus Love and Rogerst Charles in the city of brotherly love, and Marcos Rodrigues in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro. Collectively they are the ultimate "busker band," who united to re-record a special version of "Jungle" produced by Alex Da Kid.

Everyone was jamming so well, we couldn't believe that these musicians were rocking for the first time together. The electric chemistry and mirroring smiles filled up the iconic studio as X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons led a soulful yet edgy handclap and chant. The king of pop would have been proud! Afterwards, everyone grabbed lunch at the delicious Jones Hollywood restaurant. Camilo Durana, Global Director, Budweiser Sports and Entertainment was in attendance. We had pizza, sandwiches, and Budweiser beer, of course. Today's in studio scene will become the fifth episode of the MADE Underground series, produced by Noisey, VICE's music channel. The sixth and last episode will feature the culmination of it all as the busker band hits the stage on Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014 at Budweiser's Made In America festival in Downtown, Los Angeles. will be there to see it all happen live. Stay tuned for our report.

Hakeem Animashaun contributed reporting.