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On the scene at Pharrell's Bionic Yarn x G-Star Raw Launch

With already having a successful clothing line with Billionaire boys club founder and Grammy Award winner Pharrell Williams is continuing his foray into the fashion world in a partnership with G-Star Raw, as creative director of Bionic Yarn to release a collection of jeans called “Raw for the Oceans” this summer, which Pharrell and his partners including Parley for the Oceans unveiled last night on Feb. 8 at the American Museum of Natural History.

 Recording Artist and Creative Director of Bionic Yarn Pharrell Williams speaks at the event to announce 'RAW for the Oceans', a long-term collaboration between Bionic Yarn and G-Star turning ocean plastic into Denim, at American Museum of Natural History
Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images for G-Star

The collaboration is an effort to save and protect marine animals by reducing plastic pollution in the oceans instead recycling the plastic by turning it into threads that can be used to make clothing such as the jeans in the “Raw for the Oceans” collection.

Notables that we spotted included The Wanted album Siva Kaneswaran, Tyson Beckford, Adrienne Bailon and Joe Jonas who stayed most of the party and was very gracious to fans.

Speaking on his involvement with the project last night Pharrell told a story about when he performed in a Save the Earth concert and Rush Limbaugh called him a hypocrite because he doesn't live a green lifestyle. "So instead of becoming mad I kind of took it as an interesting challenge and I said to myself maybe there is something I could do, so let me find something that makes sense for me something that is tailored to me. Since I’m a novice in fashion and I waste everybody’s time on my own trying to figure out what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, I figured this was an interesting thing that popped up, the first thing that made sense because I got to add my little design to it. It is just really cool. It’s an awesome experience…you know you look up one day and you’re in Berlin meeting with the Parley folks and you hear about Paul and all his incredible work that he’s doing out in the oceans being chased by people who would otherwise get on their ship and row away and I get to meet this guys."

Pharrell continued, "So, if anything, I’m learning just as much as you guys, just I get to be on the inside. So if anything I’m appreciative to Tim and Tyson for this incredible excursion that we’ve been on. I applaud the folks at G Star because they’re a big force in fashion and they don’t have to care about these things, but this is the first time that we’ve had a partnership with someone who has just jumped behind what Tim and Tyson have done, and just turned on the turbo boost buttons, and look at this move for the people who are concerned about these issues. And I know it got a little heavy at times, but you know what? Sometimes the truth is heavy."

Pharrell closed his speech with "I appreciate your patience today and more than anything else this is a really awesome collaboration and it’s gonna keep going. We hope to see you next year we promise it won’t be as heavy it will be more jubilant because I like to see people "Happy." But if we do what we’re supposed to do the entire world can be happy.”

After the press conference, guests mingled in the main atrium of The Museum Natural History. Fabulous light bites like flat bread pizza, beets and goat cheese on a chip, tomato soup and a mini grilled cheese and tomato soup were passed around.

Kadeem Lundy contributed reporting.

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