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On the scene at a screening of 'Chasing Yesterday' at the Tribeca Film Festival

Chasing Yesterday premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.
Chasing Yesterday premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.
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On April 18, 2014, there was a private screening of the film “Chasing Yesterday” written and directed by Joseph Pernice, for the Tribeca Film Festival. The screening included an audience full of cast and crew members from the film at Tribeca Cinemas.The event began with Joseph thanking everyone for all their hard work and dedication on his film that had a very humbling budget. The audience was very enthusiastic and cheered throughout the film in praise of what they had brought into fruition. Guests enjoyed complimentary popcorn to give viewers the full experience.

The movie is a drama based on a former runner who lost his way due to different hardships in life and his journey to getting his life back on track. The film had several funny moments, mainly caused by the character Charlie played by actor Josh Flitter who was also in attendance.

My personal favorite scene was Charlie's triumphant moment at the end of the film as he crossed the finish line. The lead character Junior, was played by actor Eric Nelson. His portrayal of the star runner turned drug abuser back to star runner was quite entertaining. Shot primarily in New Jersey, Joseph said his parents home was utilized for a lot of scenes.

He made sure he gave his parents several praises for their contributions to the film. Joseph's fiancée was another attendee he was sure to thank for being a huge support. The screening was followed by an after party at 200 Liberty Street, where all the cast and crew members mingled, shared laughs and told stories about the production of the film. Everyone in the room had a glow of accomplishment that they wore for the rest of the evening.