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On the road: Willie Mae's Scotch House


Photo by Eddie Sun

Mardi Gras is long over. Why even head to the the city notoriously referred to as 'The Big Easy'?

Many from the Gulf Coast regularly take weekend drives to New Orleans, being drawn to the mysticism of that city along the dark and winding Mississippi. Of course, there is the partying on Bourbon; but why not take a step off of the beaten path to enjoy some great southern grub? It is always a prudent proffer to have a full stomach before being humbled by a fistful of Hurricanes.

Enter Willie Mae's Scotch House. A recipient of the James Beard Award, Willie Mae's offers some of the best fried chicked on either side of the Mississippi (with great butter beans to boot!). Also on the menu are palate-pleasing deserts like bread pudding and cheesecake. But it is the fried chicken that brings in the masses from different parts of the country.

The chicken is encrusted with a covering that hovers over the meat, a sure Willie Mae Seaton secret. Sink your teeth into the fried fare, and the juices come flowing out like sweet lava. Yes, it's hot, but bearably fantastic!

If you decide to eat there, they are only open during lunch hours Monday through Saturday.

Bring your family, friends, and your appetite!

Photo by Eddie Sun

Contact info:

2401 St. Ann Street

New Orleans, LA 70119



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