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On the Road to Sustainability: Bay Area Food Trucks Rolling in Local Style

Spam sushi, Vietnamese tacos, edible bugs, a bacon bouquet, and a Creme Brulee Cart. We've come to love artisinal food trucking's unexpected, delicious dishes, but is it possible to stay sustainable while chowing down at these four-wheeled eateries? In a word: yes. Below are some Bay Area food trucks that are staying sustainable in style.

Liba leaves behind the conventional felafel and creates a ‘make your own’ felafel experience. At the felafel bar, you can dress up your handmade, organic felafel in locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Be sure to try the salads, soups, and desserts made from scratch daily. Worried about paper plate waste? Liba uses all biodegradable plates, bowls, and utensils. Liba is committed to buying from local California farmers, which is good news for our taste buds and the environment.

Let’s Be Frank
Let’s be honest, hot dogs can be scary. Take one look at that oblong shape and you may find yourself wondering what’s inside. Fear not, Let’s Be Frank dogs are filled with 100% local and 100% grass-fed beef or pork made from animals humanely raised on family farms. And it’s free of nitrites, artificial flavors, colors, fillers and preservatives, antibiotics or hormones. Their buns are locally-made using organic flour, and even the condiments are organic.

The Taco Guys
Siracha mayo, stewed Meyer Ranch beef, and pork with soy glaze – in a taco. The Taco Guys ingredients are locally sourced, organic, and sustainable, and need I say, delicious. Their menu changes seasonally, and the vegetarian taco rotates based on seasonal selections. The Taco Guys are Jason Hoffman and Justin Close: two chefs who, over the past two decades, have created menus and prepared meals in some of the most celebrated restaurants in the Bay Area.

So roll on my sustainable, artisanal -loving friends.

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