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On the road to Mastery

     On the road to Mastery there are sure to be situations that arise which are not comfortable. Yet being uncomfortable is usually a sign of growth, so allowing ourselves to sit through these times of uncomfortable circumstance is invaluable.

     The pains of growth are surely the best opportunity to see where we truly are on our current course of Spiritual Evolution. As situations arise that make us cringe or moments manifest that we would be apt to deem imperfect (had we not already grown to the point where we see perfection in everything), we are able to see, through the experience, how we act towards these situations. Are we falling back on old ideas of “Why is God doing this to me?” or “This is unfair.” Are we blaming others and not accepting responsibility? In these strained moments that we would maybe prefer not to have, can we see that it was we who drew them to us. Now, of course, we are not creating alone in these situations and the co-created experience of the other beings involved can to be noticed, but can we still see, even in the darker moments, that this particular scenario is exactly what we welcomed/created in our lives; if so, than we are in a place where we are well on our way to Mastery.

     As evolving entities, we are not always going to draw the most loving, blissful situation into our field, yet we are always bringing what is necessary for our further growth; thusly, we draw the perfect situation to us that we need to demonstrate our current Awareness. The main question during these trying times is “What am I going to be in regards to this situation?” Will I be kind, loving, accepting, and happy? Will I see perfection? Will I remember my part in the creation and know that I have drawn all situations to me for my evolutionary purposes? Will I use old reactions and act out old patterns; if so, how long will I stay in these old ways of being before I return to embracing the Gift of Now, whatever it may look like? Am I, amidst the confusion, still able to see with faith through to the other side of these trying situations and live a life of hopeful/purposeful love toward myself and others?

     Let us all remember that we are in control of what we choose to be in every given moment. Hope is the key to a bright future.

(Let your Inner Divinity guild you)


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