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On the record with recording artist Jiggley Jones about “Walk On Me"

Nashville, TN

Photos of Jiggley Jones courtesy of MTS Management Group and
Photos of Jiggley Jones courtesy of MTS Management Group and
Jiggley Jones

First thing I want to say about Jiggley Jones is what a nice and accommodating guy he happens to be. We scheduled his interview and then something came up for me and I had to reschedule. He actually went out of his way to accommodate me for this interview and we ended up doing it by phone at what was 12:30 a.m. his time. How is that for dedication and hard work? Most people don’t realize that many recording artists literally do work 24-7. Jiggley Jones is one of those artists. My first question to him was:

Q You actually live in Pennsylvania right?

A Yes.

Q Do you come down to Nashville?

A I have been down there four or five times.

Q I heard that you know Sissy Treat?

A Yeah, she worked for a magazine I think?

Q Yes probably, she has been everywhere. She is one of those people who has been everywhere and done everything in the entertainment business. I love her. She is a wonderful person. So right now you are currently releasing a new single?

A Yes, “Walk on Me.” That is part of an album that will be released May 6th, on iTunes.

Q And you are with what label?

A Lamon Records Nashville.

Q Oh, cool. That’s an Indie Label?

A Yes, they have distribution through the Orchid which is owned by Sony and they have been around for a while.

Q Well that’s good.

A They started out in North Carolina and I think they relocated to Nashville about six or seven years ago maybe.

Q Do you usually let anybody know anything about your personal life? You said you have the little guy with you and you were waiting for your wife to get home so you are obviously married?

A Right, I don’t really post a lot of pictures of them on Facebook or anything but I have included them in some of my videos and a couple of my songs are actually about them and I tell people that so yeah, I do bring them up here and there.

Q So you do admit to being married and being a parent?


A Yes.

Q Believe it or not there are some people that don’t.

A I can believe that. I am sort of doing the all natural thing this time around, you know?

Q That is funny but there are so many people that won’t tell the truth about anything or everything because they want to have this mystique.

A Right, right, I think you can have mystique without having to do that. I guess it is how you approach it and maybe when I was a little younger I might have done that but today it is like this, this is about my music. Let’s just do this thing musically and hope it all falls into place.

Q Right and you’re proud to be married and a Dad?

A Yeah, that’s a natural thing to do.

Q Yeah, it’s a good thing to do actually so that you don’t grow old alone.

A That’s not fun. I can’t imagine that being fun.

Q We talked about his new song, “Walk on Me,” and the music video for “Walk on Me,” which is attached to this interview.

It really doesn’t get more real than Jiggley Jones. His life, his outlook and his love for his family are all quite evident when you speak to him. He is a super friendly guy who I fully expected to be a comical silly man considering his name. What I discovered is that Jiggley is very rooted, very serious and a very talented singer songwriter. What can I say folks, his music speaks for itself. To learn more about Jiggley Jones, go to his website at:

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