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On the LAUSD logo it proclaims Board of Education

Bored of education is what should appear,
The students and teachers are bored that’s clear.

Common Core and testing have removed all of the fun,
And they’ve sent teachers’ personal creativity on the run.

Teach for the test, practice for the test, take the test,
Leaves no time for educating the rest.

If it’s not tested then it is not taught,
If you try and teach it you might get caught.

And called on the carpet for providing an education that is complete,
Later you feel better for that teaching feat.

Is it truly an education that we do provide,
Or test taking skills and letting everything else slide.

If they have to take chicken away from the KFC name,
Then they should probably remove education as it’s the same.

Learning for life or learning for a test is the big issue,
Test scores are wasted and you know that is true.

Good teachers will continue to do better than test preparation,
As they prepare our students to lead our nation.

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