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On set with Julian Lowenthal's Tripping Balls

The movie biz is waking up in Massachusetts. Major studios are using Bay State venues for shooting locations. They’re building New England Studios up at the site of old Fort Devens, and another is planned in Worcester. The indie scene is healthy as well. As the Boston Film Industry Examiner (BFIE) has mentioned before, Boston and vicinity gets most of the buzz. Providence is well represented and even Portland has some notice. All too often, Western Mass is the orphan child in movie production, especially Amherst.

Julian Lowenthal
Julian Lowenthal
Richard Morchoe
Baer Budget Films Commissary
Richard Morchoe

That’s not Julian Lowenthal’s fault. He is as enthusiastic a filmmaker as any in the region, or for that mater the nation. We covered his previous short film last October. Power Trip was a dark exploration of the fate that awaits one who comes into possession of a talisman. The power the wearer has is a mixed blessing.

Now, Julian is trying his hand at comedy making with the short film, Tripping Balls, now shooting. If you frequent his youtube channel, he does comedy, but this is a little more ambitious. He describes it as, “a psychedelic version of "Pineapple Express."”

The Boston Film Industry Examiner met cast and crew of Tripping Balls on location at the Mill River Recreation Area in North Amherst. They had just finished a scene in a wooded spot complete with a mystical faerie.

The Mill River spot was an ideal place to have lunch and we dined al fresco. The team had a lively film oriented discussion as they ate. It is an interesting band of young actors and crew plus one veteran.

The veteran, Tom Mariano is someone you might recognize. He’s been in almost everything. A visit to his website can give you an idea of the depth of experience.

The mystical faerie is the role of the lovely and talented Kailey Taggart. She is also production manager. Surely, she is a good production manager, but she is a magnificent faerie queen.

So who is Cory Benoit other than playing Charlie? You may want to visit his youtube channel to get some idea. BFIE is not sure how much he understands it, but judge for yourself.

Sean McDonald is a Power Trip alumnus. He is playing Riley in Tripping Balls. He has the bug and is making the move to New York to pursue his career.

Recent Umass grad and Director of Photograpy, Ian Roberts loves being part of the creative process of movie making.

Watch the attached video as all of the abovementioned speak in more depth about their work and goals.

Also, keep up with the Boston Film Industry Examiner as we shall have more to report as the movie progresses.

Special thanks to my pathfinder, key grip Curtis Taylor Santos. Without his guidance, I would have never found Team Tripping Balls.

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