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On Molokai stay at Molokai Shores 207

A great place to get away
A great place to get away
Sandra Scott

“Slow Down. You are in Molokai” says the sign as one exits the airport. Welcome to an island with no stoplights, fast food chains and other elements of the commercial world. To enhance a stay rent Molokai Shores 207. The owners of the lovely condo have thought of everything a visitor needs for a relaxing stay including thoughtful items like snorkel equipment, lawn chairs, and internet. The kitchen has everything. The view of the grounds are serene. There is a swimming pool, putting course, and a Laundromat. Enjoy a libation on the balcony or curl up with a good book.

There is a supermarket just a few miles down the road but keep in mind that mplaces are closed on Sunday. The roads are great if you stay on the paved ones and if you see three vehicles at one time then it is a Molokai traffic jam. If you don’t want to cook on Sunday there is always the Pizza Place. During the day should you feel the urge to drive about head to the lookout point where there are great views of the sea cliffs and Kalaupapa, the former leper colony. Or go hiking in the Halawa Valley. There are plenty of things to do on Molokai but take your time and enjoy the world like it was 50 years ago.