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On March 18, this is Highland Woods 18

An Oil Painting filter gives this photo an extra, artistic quality.
An Oil Painting filter gives this photo an extra, artistic quality.
© 2013 Vernon Brookins

I am writing this article on March 18, 2014. On this date, Highland Woods Golf Course likely still has snow upon it, and does not resemble this article’s photo. This article is about this golf course’s, 18th hole. (Highland Woods Golf Course is at 2775 N. Ela Road in Hoffman Estates, Ill.)

The 18th hole is par four. From the rear, Gold teeing ground, the average distance to the putting green is 395 yards. Three hundred eighty-six yards is the average distance from the Blue teeing ground. Three hundred seventy-four yards is the average distance from the White teeing ground. The average distance from the front, Red teeing ground is 332 yards. This hole has a #4, course hole handicap.

This hole’s fairway has a left dogleg. This dogleg has a 45 degree angle where it begins, which is approximately 100 yards from the putting green. This fairway’s, first section points north. This fairway’s second section points northwest.

This fairway is wide and has undulating terrain. On the right side, as indicated by the scorecard, a line of closely-spaced trees extend from the teeing grounds to the dogleg. On the left side, there are a few trees, as indicated by the scorecard.

No water hazards or sand bunkers are in or along the fairway. However, if you walked on this fairway today, you would see hazards in the forms of standing water, snow and ice. In addition, there are probably bare, ground patches.

Three, medium size bunkers are around the putting green. The closest one is on the left, front side at approximately 20 yards from the putting green. Another bunker is on the left rear. The third bunker is on the right rear.

The large putting green has a right dogleg; it points west-northwest and then northwest. If the flag has a back rear position, and golfers land their balls on the right, front side, they will have difficult putts to reach the hole with one stroke. In my estimation, amateur golfers are more likely to sink their balls after three putts instead of two.

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