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On intelligence failures, some dots unconnected while others very much connected

President Obama stated today that the intelligence failures leading up to the Christmas day attempted airline attack, were due to a failure to "connect the dots." True in many ways. The 'dots' were massive, and exceedingly clear, especially in hindsight. Easy to pass along intelligence being ignored, or at best handled in a way that would make the Marx Brothers proud isn't new.

For the government to have solid information, and not act on it is not a new thing. For airport security to let someone armed through and onto the plane, is not a new thing. For even a list to go unchecked, is also not new. It happened on 9/11, and it happened with Richard Reid. All those dots failed to connect.

The republicans jumped on the President from the outset for failing to speak on the matter soon enough, though his predecessor failed to mention the "shoebomber" incident for nearly twice the amount of time. Obama- 3 days, Bush- 6. The same agencies that missed the "Bin Laden determined to attack within the U.S.", missed the "Father warned of son's radicalism." I say missed instead of ignored to give those in charge 'the benefit of the doubt.' But it's obvious what is happening here all around.

Both sides of our political system are more worried about blaming those sitting on the top of the mountain, than to fix the root problem. The "Shoebomber", and the "Pantsbomber" both were allowed on planes here from foreign airports, and both were scuttled by passengers on the plane. Much like United 93, it's the people who are vigilant while the powers that be fight amongst themselve ;as they make us fight amongst ourselves, yet the problem exists. If they would work together, and get  past their silly ideological talking points that they're paid for, maybe, just maybe they'd do right by us and actually attempt to protect us. But don't count on it. To tear one another down for the same mistakes they have made will make the spirit of Nero proud. Hope you're ready to burn.


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