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On Easter Eve, some foods for thought

herdyshepherd1 (Twitter)

You must agree, it’s been a slow start to Spring. The gloom and wet have nurtured a kind of pervasive crankiness. Even the crocuses are peeved (after that prank freeze earlier this week).

But here we are: at mid-Passover and Easter Eve.

Passover is a celebration of freedom – from slavery in ancient Egypt, by the book, but also from dark winter, from confinement and constraint, from enslaving beliefs and attitudes. Easter represents the resurrection – not just of Jesus for those who believe, but of the world, of life, of what is possible.

Call it a second shot at New Year’s Resolutions – with better weather.

In Boston and beyond, the cows are calving, sheep are lambing, felfies are flowing, the farmers are planting. The Vermont Senate passed GMO labeling, CrossFit Somerville hosts a regular Urban Ag Work Party, and Chef Nookie shows us how to dice a peep on Instagram.

Peep aside: Corby Kummer’s fun Q&A from Spring 2011 argues why we should fly our peep flags high.

For your Spring Resolution: step onto a working farm. Step off concrete onto soil. Step out of The Stream and onto dry land. Step closer to your food, to what is real and taste-able. And choose food experiences over food data.

This Spring, let's eat our way into new ways of thinking. And choose foods that express more freedom, and fresh life.

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