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On Deployment- With Honor Sir

As military honors country, country must honor its military
As military honors country, country must honor its military

Recent history has America involved in the War on Terror aka (global) GWOT nka Overseas Contingency Operation (OCC) formed after the September 11th attacks to end al-Qaeda and other militant groups who set up in countries around the world fighting a Jihad movement.

A generation tagged as post-911’ers , a more tolerant, softer toned era as the realization of a fragile life took hold after losing so many Americans in one morning- right in front of our eyes. Reprisal for justice became the responsibility of our military.

As the future of the U.S. unfolds, fighting two wars, losing 6700 KIAs to-date, hundreds of thousands wounded while the same numbers continue serving, with thousands deployed all over.

During Christmas holiday President Obama told the 600 troops plus family at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, “The least we can do is just let you all know we’re grateful to you.” He told the group that he and Michelle “would not enjoy the freedoms we do if it weren’t for the incredible dedication and professionalism and work that you do.”

Alongside of service members and their families sacrifice throughout the sum decade, America’s economy has taken blows for the price paid for freedom, subsequently, filtering into civilian communities across the country.

Our fiscal responsibility demands changes to promote a society’s prosperity longevity and financial drawdown is never easy. In 2013, US citizens felt a wave of financial hardship via Sequestration, the consequence of an apparent obstinate Congress on appropriations disparaging the core values of our modern society’s agriculture, education, defense, Food and Drug Administration oversight. Soon after, a 15-day government shutdown gripped attention and threatened more characteristics of principles and priorities concurrently ensued a comedy- of- glitches -launch of our new healthcare system costing taxpayers nearly a billion dollars to fix.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media focus on disagreements and negatives taking place within the government realm further divides our communities pitting people against people. Now with the year ending, the Administration’s inconsistent message to military service members and retirees with its new budget plan causing lawmakers’ ruckus surge regarding cuts in military retirement while the President touts its 2014 one-percent military pay raise.

Most Americans support our military and their families because they understand that the mindset of a service member is of unselfish duty. A relationship nourished by the people they serve, country they honor, brothers they keep and commanders they must trust, asking for nothing in return but what is promised.

For those who commit themselves to a 20-year service pact, what message does it send when lawmakers suggest reductions in retirement monies for those not yet at a government-decreed retirement age, citing second career ability. Albeit decisions consistent with an Administration whose response to the government shutdown was prohibiting veterans from visiting memorials and choices of the like, cuts in pay and benefits to the service member is inconceivable to those who respect the duty of our military.

Moving forward, our troops will continue to endure the stress of multiple deployments, serve in the most dangerous parts of the world facing terrorists groups that despise them, the US and the West for its freedoms and beliefs- it’s what they do. Preserving their trust and promoting respect by keeping our promises is the “least we can do.”

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