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On ‘Deadliest Catch’ was someone 'Lost at Sea’ on Discovery?

Last night’s episode of "Deadliest Catch" was titled “Lost at Sea.” As the episode begins, the bairdi season is nearing the end, as the captains rush to make their final catch and head on home. Edgar finds his pots and alerts his crew, with a good average of 25 crabs in each pot, they will top off the tanks. The first one looks good, with 25, but they need the average to be 25, as the next one is 24. As the next one has 27, the average is looking better, and 43, 52 and more are the subsequent numbers as Edgar is unloading the weight on his shoulders as their haul is 33,000 pounds and an extra $3,000 for each crewman, but the victory is all Edgar’s.

Stay tuned as Deadliest Catch brings back the Cornelia Marie
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On the Seabrooke, relief captain, Brad Petefish is lamenting the lack of bairdi in his pots, as the crew is not happy, and their captain, Scott “Junior” Campbell is in the hospital in Walla Walla, awaiting surgery that should take his pain away; however, it could also take away his career.

On the Cape Caution, Captain Wild Bill is hoping for at least a 30 average, because the pots are not going back in the water. He is looking forward to warm weather and some sport fishing in Mexico. As a reluctant greenhorn is finally out of bed, he was told by Zack, that the best way to get home quicker is to get his ass out of bed, as Bill rings the wake-up bell and expects to see all hands on deck. Kelly is not about to work any longer, as he is supposed to be on a plane tomorrow to head home. Surely Kelly is too young to remember a hit song by the Marvelettes in 1965, called “Don’t Mess With Bill.” But Kelly is headed for the wheelhouse, where he confronts Bill, who tells him he can go home with $6,000 or nothing, and will not go to port until the job is done.

When suddenly, a Coast Guard alert lets the fleet know that a boat is dead in the water, with no propulsion. Monty and Edgar related to viewers, that these guys risk their lives to help others every day, and people do not realize how important and risky their jobs are. As the Jayhawk helicopter flies over the vessel, there are eleven crew members and only six seats in the copter. Coast Guardsman Darren Hicks is lowered to the deck of the vessel to enable more room on the Jayhawk. Once aboard, they lower the basket to bring up the crew, time is of the essence as the winds pick up. They fill the chopper and bring the first group to Cold Bay, and return for the remaining crewman and their swimmer, as the entire group is brought into the helicopter, word spreads across the fleet that another Coast Guardsman has been gravely injured. Petty Officer 3rd Class Travis Obendorf died from his injuries that resulting from rescuing others.

Monty has been on good crab the entire time, now their catch is legal and the crab gods are smiling on them once again, as they fill the tanks. But now the sea is angry, and the winds are blowing as the Bering Sea puts up a final fight. But the quota is reached, and they can rail dump the last pots and head home with an extra $4,500 for each crew member.

In Washington, the Campbell family awaits the results of Junior’s surgery. When the doctor comes to see the family, he tells them that he is in a lot of pain, but time will tell how well he adapts.

In New Mexico, Elliott is preparing for his long road to recovery, as he drives to Taos. He is driving to the place, and still having second-thoughts. He calls his father to try to wangle out of going, but his father is determined that he'd better get clean or else. As his father hangs up, he tells the producer that he does not want to go to rehab.

As the final king and bairdi crab count is revealed, the Northwestern lead the pack with 243,000, Wizard 222,000, Time Bandit 210,054, Cape Caution with 131,000, Saga had 120,000 and the Seabrooke finished in last place with 112,000.

As the last pot of the season comes over the rail, the tanks are stuffed and Wild Bill brought in 27,000 pounds of bairdi adding $4,000 to the crewmen’s salary. Before they docked, Kelly came to the wheelhouse to apologize to Bill. He is very lucky, because had it been a century ago, he would have been keel hauled.

As the king crab season is over, one captain is in the hospital, one is in rehab, and one brave serviceman has perished in his service to others. May God keep all those who work at sea safe, so that the next episodes of the opilio season bring them all home to their families.

On the next episode of “Deadliest Catch,” fans will see the long-awaited return of the Cornelia Marie, and deckhand Jake Harris with Captain Josh Harris in the wheelhouse and the spirit of Phil shining down upon them.

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