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On Being Crazy & Working Your Weird

Working Your Weird
Working Your Weird

"You must learn to love your discomfort and sit with it like an old friend. "~vcc

I said to my little brother yesterday, " there are mornings that I ask myself, am I crazy doing everything I am doing?" My mom said," That's what we ask every morning about you!" LOL. All in jest. When you go out on a limb, speak your truth, work your weird and do it all the time…it can be scary. There is no going back for me. I left corporate and all it's comforts and I can't go back. Not because it's evil or soul-draining. The fact is everything is how we perceive it.

The truth is that while I CAN serve and have served wherever I am…that i do the world a disservice if I'm not ALL IN. I am a powerhouse. A good friend called me," freakishly talented." I know in my heart that I am meant to set people's intuition on fire, help them remember their wings and help the next generation of intuitives change the world.

So maybe I am crazy for leaving comfort, stability and "normal hours" behind. Don't fool yourselves. This is a lot of work. Of course, when you love what you do, hours fly by. The entrepreneurs i know who've made it happen have busted their booties. During this intense last three weeks I may be in Miami but I am in full creation and service mode. I take great self-care breaks to the pool, eat well and meditation but I haven't seen a full day off in a month. It's all worth it. Videos, recordings, eBooks, new programs and incredible EVERY day breakthroughs!

When you follow your passion and answer the call you will go to the edge. You will be pushed like never before. The comfort zone will be a distant shore.

You must learn to love your discomfort and sit with it like an old friend. You must move as fast as Spirit does and allow it to LIFT and carry you. There are no excuses. There is always a way. Can't wait till the thing is perfect, it's the way it is until it's not. You have to stop talking, dreaming and journaling about it…if you feel that you are here to be of great service, you must do it.

You have to BEGIN wherever you are.

Some of you will know what I mean. You might tear up. We've all asked ourselves, " Am i crazy for doing this?"

My thought is, we are crazy if we don't.

~ vcc 2/21/14

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