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On Atheist Oleg Dei’s “Other Disgusting Quotes in the Bible!”-“Eat Human Feces"

On Atheist Oleg Dei’s “Other Disgusting Quotes in the Bible!”-“Eat Human Feces!”
On Atheist Oleg Dei’s “Other Disgusting Quotes in the Bible!”-“Eat Human Feces!”
On Atheist Oleg Dei’s “Other Disgusting Quotes in the Bible!”-“Eat Human Feces!”


Under consideration is an article titled, “Other Disgusting Quotes in the Bible!” written by Oleg Dei who heads an Atheist anti-Christian support group which masquerades as a group interested in science which calls itself the Science Club of Long Island. We have written about Oleg Dei and the Club before and you can find those articles here.

Oleg Dei’s writings never fail to provide excellent examples of how to misread, misinterpret, misunderstand, misapply the Bible’s contents, concepts and contexts. Thus, they are great examples of how to not do it and great examples exercises for those who are learning the art of discernment, research, reasoning, etc.

A word of warning before proceeding; it is best to read Oleg Dei’s writings within articles such as these and not directly from where he posts them as he peppers his articles with images that the average person will surely find objectionable. This may denote his general level of maturity, his pandering to his militant Atheist audience, Freudian windows into deep psychological issues, etc. These are just guesses; point it, beware and be aware.

As for Oleg Dei’s “Other Disgusting Quotes in the Bible!” a few things that come to mind are that the Bible contains some disgusting quotes because people do disgusting things and the Bible is honest and up front about them. Also, he may want to read the philosophical text titled Everyone Poops because he seems to be surprised that the Bible would reference bodily functions.

Yet, most importantly, he take a, sadly, very typical Atheist tactic: he elbows his Atheist buddies in the ribs as he pokes fun, he asserts but does not elucidate and, most tellingly, he condemns without providing a premise upon which to base his condemnation. In other words, he does not, as he cannot, justify his condemnation but merely makes emotive statement. The tactic is to replace reasoned discourse with schoolyard bullying emotive taunting.

As per the lobotomy statement above, it is clear that Oleg Dei is as militant an Atheist as they come. He begins his article thusly:

“There are quotes in the Bible that are so disgusting that no one would dare print them now. The word of God? This is truly one of the most disgusting works of literature ever created. Brainless Christians still say God is good! Really, read this crap!”

Note that since he heads an Atheist anti-Christian group, he writes of “Brainless Christians” even though every quote he uses is from the Jewish scriptures. Yes, Christians also hold to them as scriptures but since he is strictly anti-Christian he does not dare to refer to “Brainless Jews.”

His first point is written as follows:

“Eat Human Feces!

‘And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight. And the LORD said, Even thus shall the children of Israel eat their defiled bread among the Gentiles, whither I will drive them.’ (Ezekiel 4:12-13).

Although in verses 14-15 the poor Israelites complain about eating abominable flesh, God (in his ‘wonderful’ grace) changes his mind and allows them to substitute human feces with cow feces. Gee, thanks a lot God! (as if eating cow excrement makes much of a difference). You'd think the Creator of the entire universe might have given his ‘chosen ones’ a soufflé or a bagel or something. Please, anything better than s***-cakes.” [Dei’s statement has been censored]

The only real problem with this is that absolutely everything he stated is wrong. No one was to “Eat Human Feces!” Oleg Dei has manipulated his Atheist audience, likely due to knowing that they will not double check his claims as they are merely pseudo-skeptics (yet, real cynics). He partially quoted the text in a convenient and self-serving manner so as to take a text out of context to make a pretext for a prooftext.

We wrote a detailed article on this very issue, see Did God command the eating of a poop sandwich? part 1 and part 2

For our purposes, it is enough to note that the text of Ezekiel chap 4 details the actual recipe for the bread as consisting of “wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet and spelt” and these are the ingredients which Ezekiel was to “put…in one vessel and make them into bread” period. The dough is then to be formed/shaped or otherwise prepared as a “barley cake” and only then is he told how to bake it, “over human dung” and then “cow’s dung.”

The recipe of ingredients is one thing and the manner whereby to bake it is another. The dung was to be used as fuel. In fact, even today, people all over the world use bovine and other similar forms of dung as fuel for fires.

Also, the Israelites do not complain about anything as this pertained to Ezekiel only; so Dei is also wrong about that. No one had to eat cow excrement; so he is also wrong about that. How can someone read such a short text and come to so very many faulty conclusions? It may that that he is reading the text through the eyes of rebelling and condemning at any cost; even the cost of discrediting himself—which he most certainly did. How very sad.

Thus, Oleg Dei makes fun but does not provide a premise for condemning YHVH or the Bible.


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