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On Aprils Fools Day: The Government of America gives African Americans Reparations

April fools day, are we fools for only one day or are we being played like fools all year around? The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting article on its website called “April Fools' Day history? Be wary of those who say they know”. The truth is nobody has a clue about the history of this holiday. In this article they talk about the false origins that have been added to the history of this holiday like “Some speculate that Europe's switch from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian in the 1500s, which changed New Year's Day from late March to Jan. 1, created an easy opportunity to play a prank on the forgetful. But that wouldn't explain why April Fools' Day is mentioned even earlier in writing, in Chaucer’s 14th-century "Canterbury Tales."  In the article they talk about how Boston University Prof. Joseph Boskin got into trouble and almost lost his job for fabricating a story about Aprils fools day. His prank explained Aprils fools day origin coming from “ the holiday originated in Istanbul in the court of Constantine when "the jesters decided to unionize." The king was so amused that he agreed to give up the throne to a jester for the day. The first-ever April fool was Kugel (Boskin thought of the name because his friend especially enjoyed the Jewish pudding), who declared it a day of absurdities”.  He was interviewed on major media outlets and they all ran with the story. He later admitted in a class that he was teaching that the story was just a hoax and when the media found out all hell broke loose.

Like this holiday nobody really knows the true history or origin of Africans in America. The large majority of us were brought here threw the slave trade and some were already here being the world travelers that we are.  I am a strong supporter of Reparations for Afrikans In Amerikkka. I think when we believe the U.S.A will one day right the wrong of its de-humanizing of Afrikan people we fall prey to being fools everyday. I love a quote I read some time ago I don’t know who the author is, but it says something like “if some one knocks you down they are at fault but if you stay down then the fault becomes yours”. I truly believe In Reparations from a repair standpoint. I think we need to start to repair ourselves and not look to the government of the U.S.A or anyone else to repair us. The Most Honored Elijah Muhammad taught me that people who don’t treat you right wont teach you right. This is why I feel we need to teach our own children and pull them out of public schools that fail them every year. I feel we must completely give up the American diet and go back to being organic in our diets, no meat at all. Would it be too much for us to shop with only business and people who support our communities? Is it possible for us to own and operate the gas stations, grocery stories, banks etc. in our community? I am not against talking about what the government of this country owes us, but to wait on it, to me would truly make us April’s fool all year around. Until Truth Prevails My Eyes Will Be Watching

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  • Yeah Right 5 years ago

    Not getting a single penny from me. Don't like America, then move elsewhere.

  • Pygmy Thoughts 5 years ago

    Allot is known about how people who were once Africans came to live in the United States. Most were captured and sold by their fellow Africans. The lion's share of the slave trade only began to end when the Brits enforced their outlaw the practice. Ironic. Regardless, to pay people because they are dark skinned would be a racist venture.

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