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On April Fools Day, you may hear

Chicago-land golf courses do NOT require golfers to wear t shirts.
Chicago-land golf courses do NOT require golfers to wear t shirts.

You may hear that all Chicago’s golf courses have 19 holes. Just like golf courses in the other parts of the country, Chicago golf courses have either nine holes or 18 holes. Traditionally, the 19th hole is the clubhouse bar.

That a stymie in Chicago is 3 over par. Do not believe it. Three over par is a triple bogie.

You can play 18 holes on any Chicago-land golf course for $5 greens fees. Greens fees on municipal golf courses may be $10-$12 for nine holes. This may be during the week before the prime golf season begins after Memorial Day.

A tree wood is the club of choice for hitting balls that have landed underneath fallen trees. (In Chicago, winter storm Vulcan certainly knocked down a lot of trees. However, tree woods do not exist; you should declare an unplayable lie.)

A Chicago-land dog-leg has relish and onions. Among other things, Chicago-Style Hot Dogs have relish and onions. Chicago-land dog legs on golf courses are just where the fairways lead off at angles from the front fairways.

Highland Woods Golf Course is in Scotland. No, Highland Woods Golf Course is an 18 holes golf course in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. However, in the many years that it has been in that Chicago suburb, it is likely that many Scots have played there.

You must wear t-shirts on all Chicago-land, golf courses’ teeing grounds. No, however, dress codes may require that you wear shirts with collars. Most, Chicago-land golf courses do not allow you to play bare-chested (men and women).

Waveland Golf Course is in North Chicago. Waveland Golf Course no longer exists. Its current name is Marovitz Golf Course, and it is in north Chicago near North Lake Shore Drive.

You can hire caddies at any Chicago-land golf course. That is incorrect. You will not be able to hire caddies at any Forest Preserve golf course or Chicago Park District golf course. Some of the semi-private courses on Cook County’s outskirts may have caddie pools.

The 14th putting green at Jackson Park Golf Course is an island green. That is incorrect. The 14th putting green is in Jackson Park at the end of a long par 5. To my knowledge, no Chicago-land golf course has island greens.

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