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On a cold wintry night..the unimaginable, unpardonable happens

Cover of "The Attonement Child"
Cover of "The Attonement Child"

Francine Rivers does it over and over again! She is an author that really knows how to touch the hearts of her audience. Once the reading starts, her works are not easily put aside. Mrs. Rivers is adept at tackling especially hard subjects, and The Atonement Child is certainly no exception. Inasmuch as it's been several years since her last novel, people are literally "chomping at the bit" for the next one. Her Mother's Hope is to be released on March 16th of this new year.

The heart-wrenching issue of a horrid crime and the aftermath that ensues, takes the theme through very intense moments.  The Atonement Child examines the spiritual and emotional aspects of decisions concerning abortion.

Dynah Carey's life is devastated when she is attacked. Her peaceful, blessed situation in life takes a ghastly turn. A devoted Christian with a promising future, Dynah faces decisions that she never could of imagined being confronted with. Immediate family gives her times of grief and support as well. Her faith is stretched toward the limit, as she faces the most solemn choice of her life.

What an arduous journey Dynah travels to get to the place of understanding God's love and forgiveness. The Atonement Child is a stirring narrative, leaving the reader desiring to strengthen their personal relationship with God. It reminds us that life can throw many injurious curves, yet as we put our trust in Him, He works all things together for good, bringing peace and direction to tragedy and uncertainty.