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"On a Budget"

Just how important IS that special day?

It's obvious that in today's economy, everyone is looking for something special for nothing. Where did the days of high quality event services, photography and other wedding essentials go? It's almost amusing to walk into a Dollar Store and see wedding decor!

For many photographers, ads like the following are typical

A bride, looking for a certain style (a Colorado Based Photography company starting at $3,000 for a wedding) but is, "on a budget".

What does that mean for the professional photographer? Lowered standards, lowered prices, lowered quality of work and lowered expectations. We find more and more people looking at a photograph and saying, "I could do that" and then doing it, cheap.

The problem here is not the competition, it is well known that competition breeds better results. It forces us to push ourselves to new levels and grow as professionals. The problem here is diminishing the quality of the work put out there.

So stop and think, how important is that photograph of saying "I do". What price is set for that perfect moment captured between a mother and newborn? What will be proudly displayed on the wall versus stuffed in a photo album collecting dust?


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