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On a Boat with Seven Stills

I'm on a Boat
I'm on a Boat
Seven Stills

Seven Stills is becoming Seven Sails this Saturday.

The San Francisco distillery is throwing a massive party with cocktails, liquor, craft beer, food, and music. Oh, and it's on a boat.

You'll find and notice many craft beer events in San Francisco. You'll also find some artisan liquor events. But you never really find events that combine both beer and spirits. Seems like a smart idea, but it isn't that commonplace.

Sound familiar? As you may remember, Seven Stills creates their whiskey out of good beer - something that you'd expect to be pretty popular, but is actually fairly rare. It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that Seven Stills is combining those two components for their latest event.

"I'm on a Boat" promises to bring beer and liquor together, which contrary to the college saying, will not make you sicker.

The 150 foot yacht has plenty in store for attendees. The main deck will feature a DJ, and 10 breweries/distilleries/eateries. The second deck has an additional 10 breweries/distilleries/eateries, and the third deck features an open area to relax, tan, and enjoy the view.

Regarding beer, expect to see these breweries pouring on the yacht:

  • Lagunitas
  • Speakeasy
  • Pacific Brewing Laboratory
  • Drake's
  • Trumer Pils
  • EJ Phair
  • Marin Brewing
  • San Francisco Brewing
  • Ale Industries
  • Heretic Brewing
  • Fort Point Beer
  • Devoto Orchards Cider
  • Golden State Cider
  • Snake Bite

And these distilleries will also have their wares available:

  • Seven Stills
  • Anchor Distilling Company
  • Falcon Spirits Distillery
  • Bender's Whiskey Co
  • Raff Distillerie
  • HelloCello
  • Workhorse Rye
  • Sutherland Distilling
  • Strip and Go Bare
  • Osocalis
  • Tequila Tapatio

The event will also have Flux Coffee, Fusion Jerky, and Three Twins ice cream for anyone who needs a break between drinks.

Buy tickets now for $100, or as a group of five for $75 each. The price is a tad high compared to other drinking events, but it does include beer, liquor, and free snacks. Oh, and lest you forget - you get to cruise the bay whilst imbibing. Finally, all the proceeds go to the San Francisco SPCA, a great resource that supports animals.

Remember, while the yacht is 150 feet, it only holds 370 people, so you'll want to act fast and get your tickets now.

Beer of the moment: Lagunitas' Mandaraison

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