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Omniture's free webinar Measuring the Impact of Social Media offers insight to nonprofits

Omniture’s downloadable webinar, “Measuring the Impact of Social Media,” guides participants through the social media realm, measuring the ever-evolving impact of social media and detailing the best practices of online brand monitoring adopted by commercial entities, offering insight into practices that can be adopted by nonprofits to strengthen their brands, develop deep conversations with constituents, and raise money.

According to Sergio Balegno, Senior Analyst at MarketingSherpa, social media offers a level playing field for companies of all sizes and budgets (of course an appealing option to nonprofits) during his review of recent MarketingSherpa social media research. Following Mr. Balegno, Ted McDonald of National Geographic shares examples of ways in which National Geographic measures and interacts with social media visitors. How to gauge and optimize on Twitter and Facebook, and how to measure social media to understand the true monetary value of social media using Omniture SiteCatalyst® also are features of this free webinar.

The webinar is presented jointly by Sergio Balegno, Senior Analyst at MarketingSherpa, Ted McDonald, Manager of Web Analytics for National Geographic and Brian Watkins, Public Relations Manager of Social Media at Omniture.

Download Omniture’s webinar and workbook here. Omniture, a business unit of Adobe Systems Incorporated, provides online business optimization software for managing and enhancing online, offline and multi-channel business initiatives.