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OMG! Let Me Taste It Again - Part: 2

Sometimes experiencing food or wine is not about the taste in and of itself but of tasting something so different - you may not even know how to classify it.

My food experiences in my travel to Thailand is best defined that way by my taste buds. My favorite place to be, other than snorkeling in the ocean was visiting the markets. I did try the dried and seasoned bugs - crickets, hoppers, etc. I have to say they were not bad; on the crunchy, nutty side of things with the right hint of spice. I might even eat them again.

Picking out little bags of food treasures at the floating market for our evening meals was a great adventure. I still didn't learn all the names of foods but a very good dish I haven't found in the state yet was Khao Moo Daeng. A very simple but bursting with flavor meat and rice dish. Almost a version of our BBQ pork on a bed of rice but not overwhelmed with BBQ. The personality of the beef was winner.

Another favorite was the little corn cakes they served - the right amount of sweetness and texture as they melted in your mouth. I picture them as a cross between potato cakes and corn muffins but very sweet like cake. I've got to figure out how to get these delivered!

So, don't be nervous around foods you don't know or can't identify - you can always get with a local guide for a true insight into the dishes and the food. Take away a new recipe, take away a new adventure!

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