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Omega Psi Phi stamps its license plates in New Jersey

Ques are the first of the black orgs to get state issued vanity plates
Ques are the first of the black orgs to get state issued vanity plates

Pretty soon it will be easy to spot some of New Jersey's Omega Psi Phi members because they'll be cruising in their vehicles with new vanity plates to honor their frat.

Omega is the first among New Jersey's black Greeks to get the vanity tags.

Since black Greek plates are just making its way to Jersey, it may be a fair argument that the prevalence and influence of black Greek orgs post grad are stronger in places with notably racial histories like Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas where black Greek vanity plates have been in circulation for a while. is asking members, whether they're active or not, to purchase a vanity plate. Once the New Jersey chapter purchases 500 plates, it'll turn over the revenue, a whopping $25 grand, to the state to cover production costs.

Tags are $50 with $10 renewal fees. And why not? New Jersey is a hot spot right now. The Super Bowl is in a couple of weeks and Chris Christie's bullying on the GW bridge fiascoes aren't going away.

The road to Que plates began in the New Jersey state Assembly May of last year (2013). The bill was introduced and supported by politician Que Dogs from inception to finish. Democrat Benjie E. Wimberly sponsored the Omega vanity plate legislation in May 2013.

Omega Psi Phi means "Friendship is Essential to the Soul." In the early 1900s, black Greek orgs were founded because founders were wise enough to know that the competitive spirit and the backbone required to succeed in the US would be a cold and lonely road without support from peers and a focused desire to establish and build strong black families and communities.

Congrats to the Ques in New Jersey for being the first to sign and stamp their vehicles in recognition of their frat's leadership goals and its ideals.

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