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OMD teams Illinois Lottery with Clear Channel


OMD.LogoChicago's OMD, a division of Omnicom, recently launched an out-of-home campaign for the Illinois Lottery. While those in Illinois who win the lottery probably won't care about the out-of-home digital billboards, Illinois drivers might.

The campaign features 19 digital billboards (the big bright ones) that provide the Illinois Lottery’s winning Powerball Jackpot numbers, interspersing this information with real-time traffic data. If you've ever seen one of the outdoor boards, they work better than GPS or waiting for "Traffic on the 8's" while in the midst of lane-to-lane cars.

The campaign is set to run 13-weeks, and began in late February. OMD created, and then negotiated the deal between the Illinois Lottery and Clear Channel Communications, Chicago's most comprehensive provider of digital outdoor.

The Illinois Lottery is the first sponsor of the program in Chicago, and is capitalizing on its unique and relevant information. Chicago driving conditions can change at a moment's notice, and the out-of-home boards are perfect for warning drivers of hazardous conditions, accidents, and roadwork that effect the morning and evening commute.

The traffic data is compiled by Clear Channel's unique Total Traffic Network (TTN) that provides coverage of the Chicago traffic scene through reporters, traffic cams, and broadcast partners. TN is the best source of timely traffic information, and operates in over 125 metros. Chicago-based OMD struck the perfect mix, realizing that that the Total Traffic Network, digital out-of-home boards, and lottery information would provide a mixture of relevant, real-time data needed by drivers while simultaneously offering lottery fans their daily numbers.


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