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Oman house proves to be an active haunt

A framed newspaper article about the Tate murders
A framed newspaper article about the Tate murders
Terra King

If you’re a regular watcher of any of the major ghost investigation shows, you’ve seen the Oman house on TV.

Tate murders as explained by David Oman
Terra King

It’s been on “Haunted History,” on “My Ghost Story” and on “Ghost Adventures.”

After seeing these shows I was very interested in the house. My husband is a skeptic who has never seen anything paranormal, even if I’ve glanced a shadow figure or whatever it may be while setting right by him, but he has never seen anything. I thought maybe the Oman house would be a great opportunity.

David Oman hosts investigations in his home, which is 200 feet from the gates of the Sharon Tate murder house, on a fairly regular basis. People have seen many different spirits in the house.

Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigail Folger and Steven Parent all perished on August 8th/9th, 1969. This murder pretty much ended the summer of love and even the 60s. Nothing will ever be the same for anyone touched by this horrific crime.

David invited myself and my husband to his home during one of his investigations. I’ve never seen a pro investigation in person, so I was very excited. However, the true excitement was for my husband; for him to be able to see or feel something from the other side. Would this happen?

We’ve been to the Amargosa Opera House and hotel … nothing. Stayed a night at the Stanley Hotel, zip, zero. Not even the Whaley House had the nerve to show off it’s spirits to my big skeptic. It was so frustrating to have searched out so many places that people see, hear and feel things just to have him say, “nope nothing here.” Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

This house is 4200 square feet. It is on three different levels and is beautiful. David is a charming host and makes sure everyone involved gets what they need. The night we were there, a few groups were there also and the house was wired for everything. Cameras were everywhere, IR cameras, everything you see on the shows on TV were in that house. Everyone had an opportunity to go outside to the garage and watch all of the different cameras to see if anything paranormal was going on.

While the lights were still on David told us about his home and the spirits that have been seen. He also had enlargements of photos that have been taken in the house and some of them were really creepy. We were then given a tour of the house so we could see the hotspots in the house before lights out.

It was an amazing experience for me, but what about the big guy? Did he experience something at David’s house that none of the big name hot haunted spots offered him? To my great surprise and joy, the house came through. We didn’t see Sharon or Jay, but we did have two real experiences and best of all … we shared the experiences. The first happened before the evening even got started. We were in an area where David’s projector TV was showing the “Ghost Adventures” episode about his house. We had been in the house for about an hour and nothing had happened. All of a sudden one of David’s “Beetlejuice” figurines feel forward. No one was around it. I had actually moved my chair about two minutes before it fell, but that couldn’t have knocked it down. There was a camera on it the whole time and no one saw anything except the figure fall down … and down, and down. Then it would stop for a while and then it would start again with no rhyme or reason. Bill experienced this and couldn’t explain it. He was slightly impressed and felt a bit strange about his feelings.

As we were walking the house in the light, we came across the horrible guest room. I can’t think of any guest who would want to stay there. As we were listening to David’s explanation of what had been happening in the room a cold air hit us. The air conditioner was off so as not to disturb the EVPs and the windows that faced outside of the house were blacked out by heavy black material. The cold spot appeared, moved between us and then followed a camera man as he walked across the room. My hubby was not able to explain this event nor the Beetlejuice figures bad balance.

We had one other really creepy thing happen in two parts. We were taken two by two inside the room that has part of the hillside actually inside the small room. I couldn’t breath. Bill had no problems, but I was very shaken for a long while that evening.

After the lights were out, I was very interested in going back to the guest room and the room containing the hillside. I lead the way to the second floor down a staircase that twisted around and not one that went straight down. Just as I was going to take the last few steps, I had the horrible feeling that something was at the bottom of the staircase and it would be really bad for me to take those last two steps. I started saying “no, no, no, no, (just like the guys in the “Ghost Adventures” show, I will never laugh about that again). I turned around and ran past Bill on a very narrow staircase. I wanted out of that floor.

Did we see full body apparitions? No, we didn’t. Does that mean no one ever has, it certainly does not. We did feel some amazing sensations.

There is always talk about supposedly haunted places after they are featured on TV or a documentary. David’s house has been in both. He has taken a lot on his chin from misguided people who have never been in the house. I’ve been there and I can say that it is, for sure … haunted.

To find out for yourself check out David’s upcoming investigations. April 18 and April 19th.

It’s really very simple, go on the investigation and see what happens. It’s the chance of a life time for the wanna be ghost hunter.

Check my photos of the night. I didn’t get anything paranormal, but I did get the basic set up so you will know the house.

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